Team Member Testimonials

July 2016

I have been in the real estate or mortgage industry for over 30 years, and this is my all-time favorite place to work. I intend to be here for many more years.
-Vicki Clark, Senior Loan Processor

I have had smiling faces at every closing this week. Wanted to share those smiles to some very deserving people (Besides I work for this guy that believes that you make the people you work with smile). Great role model. Cindy and Tammy, thank you for bailing me out when I didn’t realize underwriting one of these took longer. And then there’s Juan—hero close—and Jenny, who is always a hero. Two Realtor agents in a room talking about what a great program this is and how well Cornerstone handled it is always a welcome event. I told Marc not long ago I feel like this place is amazing. Amazing, wonderful teamwork.
-Pam Eastwold, Vice President l Production Manager

My time here at Cornerstone has been a dream come true!
-Kayla Duffle, Transaction Coordinator

Excellent vision. I absolutely share your values. By the way, I couldn’t sleep the other night . . . thinking about your reply to my email to you about enjoying working “for” Cornerstone, when you said that “we work ‘with’ each other.” I am so excited and want to create value for the company; it really feels like home here. I am indeed quite impressed with the team and our dedication to a quality product with emphasis on relationship building. It is a pleasure to work with Cornerstone. Have a blessed day!
-Clint Cowan, Loan Officer

I appreciate the opportunity to work with such a great company!
-Kimberly Lunsford, Production Assistant

Thank you for the privilege of being a member of this amazing family called Cornerstone! I am blessed beyond my wildest dreams!
-Diana Cagle, Product & Pricing Manager | Secondary Marketing

Thank you so much for the very warm welcome. My initial experience and interactions with the staff have been indeed been very special.
-Steven Bouck, Remote Mortgage Loan Underwriter

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Cornerstone is indeed a VERY special place to work for. I have only been here for a week, and I can honestly say it is the happiest I have been in the past 2+ years with my work life. You have built something very special: I can tell from your story of how the company started that you put God first and follow what He would have you do. What a refreshing experience! I cannot wait to grow with Cornerstone and feel very blessed to be a part of this family.
-Mary Wedman, Client Experience Assistant

I am very excited to begin my relationship with the Cornerstone family. I print the vision statement as soon as I set-up my equipment which just arrived.
-Ann Teich, Underwriter

Still excited to be here. Looking forward to more anniversaries.
-Henry Salomon, Training

Thanks for supporting our office’s funds for our lost Dallas Police. We appreciate all the support we received from corporate and some of the outlying underwriters who support our teams here.
-Carol Lindhart, Residential Mortgage Advisor

Looking forward to continuing to grow with this company!
-Jason M. Keith, Senior Loan Officer

I want to thank you for the kind and gracious welcome! It is not quite often when a company’s CEO personally welcomes you to a company. Your gesture is just another one of the many acts that have been displayed towards me which lets me know that joining the Cornerstone FAMILY was the best decision that I could have made!
-Nickita Breaux, Underwriter

I love being part of the Cornerstone family!
-Fawn Crosby, Senior Loan Officer

The Cornerstone story gave me goose bumps. I wasn’t looking for a job when this opportunity presented itself, so I too prayed for God to guide me. The fact that it was named Cornerstone was a huge impact. I know I made the right decision and look forward to the journey.
-Rafael Gabeiras, Transaction Coordinator

You are running a great company.
-Shelton Fortenberry, Secondary Marketing

So glad to know that Cornerstone truly cares! Thanks for sharing this Dallas Police Officers’ donation opportunity with us, Marc. This is really heart-warming.
-Ramona L. Brooks – Regional Closer

I’m very happy to be here.
-Tammie Dobrinski, Lead Closer-Bravo Region

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for taking time out of your busy schedule to send this nice email. It really means a lot. It is a blessing to work for this Company.
- Patricia E. Castro, Loan Processor

It is a Joy to be with Cornerstone Home Lending!
-Norma Oliver, Operations

It is wonderful that we contributed as a Cornerstone family to the families victimized by the police shooting in Dallas and can make a difference. The money is helpful: the statement that “We care” is more important.
-Jeanette Garcia, Loan Operations l Branch Manager

Great company to work with.
-Carlos Martinez, Loan Officer

I appreciate how you live by the mission statement and make positive differences in lives.
-Carl Arceneaux, Processor

It is so cool and awesome that you do this [draw names of employees to award with gift cards for their years of service]!
- Bobbie Ledbury, Underwriter

GO CORNERSTONE! I love it here.
-Kathy Thorp, Investor Delivery

Thank you, Marc, for the opportunity to work for such a caring and great company!
-Josh Stanley, Appraisal Coordinator

I want to thank you and Judy for the “Employee Appreciation” gift card. It was a very nice surprise! I am grateful to be working for such a great company!
- Trisha Bruce, Underwriter

I feel extremely blessed to be able to work with this company each and every day!
-Michele Hassell, Condo Review Department

It is a pleasure working with CHL—your positive attitude and the amazing work environment are yet more reasons I love it here.
- Kevin Struhar, Transaction Coordinator

I wanted to send a sincere thank you for the gift card sent to me this week. You two are amazing leaders of an amazing company that I continue to be proud and thankful to work with.
-Sherry Merritt, Conventional & Government Underwriter

It is my privilege to be a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Gwen Poindexter, Branch Manager

Thank You SO much, Mr. Laird, for the Most Awesome Place to work Ever! I am blessed to be a part of the CHL family & hope to have 4 + + + + + years ahead with Cornerstone!
- Sherry Dutiel, Underwriter

It is a pleasure to work with such a wonderful company!
- Gabrielle Williams, Loan Processor

Our leadership are a huge part of why I have no desire to meet with recruiters. I am happy where I am. I truly believe that Marc, Judy, Chris Lopez, and Triss Drake do care about me.
-Tina Dworsky, Mortgage Consultant

I am beyond grateful and thrilled to apart of this GREAT mortgage family - 25 years of true bliss; to be gifted such marvelous BLING is true frosting! I am one happy and blessed woman!
-Tammy Pullen, Senior Vice President & National Underwriting Manager

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the employee appreciation card as well as the camping gift box that I received. It was very thoughtful of the company to do that.
- Rebecca Johnson, Underwriter

I'm so proud to be a part of the Cornerstone Family from the beginning. I will be forever grateful to you for following your heart and HIS WILL by taking on the risk to build such an amazing company.
-David Bravo, Senior Vice President & Regional Manager

I truly enjoy working at this company.
-Shelley Gibbs, Senior Processor

I’m happy to be here.
-Stephanie Oliver, Loan Closer

The seven years at Cornerstone have been the best seven years of my working career, and I can’t thank you enough for the way you run this amazing company.
-Will Larson, IT Quality Assurance Manager

It is a pleasure working here. Cornerstone truly demonstrates a team spirit in helping borrowers get the home of their dreams. I look forward to the coming year.
-Tami June, Loan Processor

I’m glad to be here!
-Lara Mertz, Quality Control Auditor

I am proud to me a member of the Cornerstone family, and thankful for the opportunity. Seven years . . . gosh, time sure does fly!
-Cassie Pullen, Loan Operations

Oh, my gosh, Marc. It HAS been a year already! Time does fly when you’re having fun, surrounded by terrific support, terrific people. Thank you for all you.
-Sandy Weyand, Loan Officer

No other place I would rather be!
-Peggy Webb, Underwriter

I wanted to write and express my appreciation for all that you do for me –either directly or indirectly. Thank you for your continued support of me and the wonderful ladies on our local “Sharla Ellis Team.” I placed at the top of the production report this past month, but I know I can’t do this alone by any means. Please join me in being recognized for your efforts—you are #1 in my book—you are right there with me in the trenches each day, working very hard to make me shine, and I am grateful each day to be surrounded by such good people who strive to make a difference. Many thanks!
-Sharla Ellis, Senior Vice President

I received the gift card today, and I wanted to tell you both THANK YOU so much for thinking of me! Y’all are so very nice to all of us, and I wanted you to know that I appreciate it very much.
- Angie Taylor, Project Review Analyst

I really appreciate everything you and Cornerstone have done for me and my family. I can’t believe it’s already been 9 years.
-Nick Gilbert, Branch Manager

It’s a pleasure working here.
-Kurma J. Hartline, Appraisal Coordinator

I could not be more blessed in my life! I truly appreciate your support and everything you have done for me and my family! I owe everything to you and Cornerstone!
-Stephanie Harris, Senior Vice President | Risk and Loss Mitigation

It’s a pleasure to work here.
-Stacey Moffat, Compliance Analyst

I really appreciate how thoughtful you both are and the environment you’ve created here at Cornerstone. I look forward to many more years here!
-Anastacia Chan, Executive Assistant to Jay Crowell

I love my new role and all of my teammates! I can’t say enough great things about Cornerstone!
- Desireé Fisher-Tate, HR Coordinator, Total Rewards

Thank you for the birthday card and the umbrella! I look forward to more years to celebrate with Cornerstone!
-William Burnett, Processor

I am proud to be a part of this family!
-Sunni Bankston, Repair Escrow

I am rounding out my 3rd week here at Cornerstone, and I just wanted to take a moment and send you a quick note. I am so thoroughly impressed and humbled by the environment and process that you have built here. It is truly remarkable and a diamond in the rough to find in this business. This month marks my 6th year in the mortgage business and processing, and I am so humbled to be able to do so here at Cornerstone. I am extremely excited for the future and am thankful for the opportunity I have been given. Thank you for what you have built here and continue to build!
- Allison Stafford, Senior Loan Processor

Thank you for thinking of the employees on their birthdays! I love my new umbrella!
-Sherri Jacques, Processor

Glad to be with the company another year and now on the production end originating loans! The past few months transitioning from the Secondary Department over to the Bravo Region have really shown me a bit about how Cornerstone takes care of its people!
-Justin Cox, Loan Officer

I just wanted to take a minute, Tammy, and thank you so much for this opportunity! The week of training was incredible, and it was wonderful to get to know you. Since I have started, everyone has been so nice and helpful. The Leads doing the reviews are wonderful! Mario has been so helpful with any questions I have thought of. And even the IT people were fantastic, helping me get set up and explaining everything in terms that made sense. I am so very happy I took the leap of faith and joined Cornerstone! I hope someday to be added to the tenured employees on the Wall of Honor!
-Kimberly Renz, Underwriter

I really enjoy being part of the Cornerstone Family.
-Bee Tyquiengco-Pena, Investor/Agency Resolution

I really do appreciate the opportunity you all have given me. It is nice to be working with a good company again. It has been a long time.
-David Ausenbaugh, Underwriter

It’s such a pleasure working with such a wonderful company. I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already—my how time flies! Looking forward to MANY more years here at Cornerstone!
-Ann Coughenour, Certified Mortgage Lender

It is a pleasure working with this company.
-Munni Alexander, Senior Production Artist

Thank you for the AMEX gift card. We are taking our grandsons on a short trip next week, and I’m going to tell them that they each have an extra gift to spend from my “bosses.” They will think this is really cool and that I work for a neat company (which, of course, I do). Thanks again – I really do appreciate this.
-Gail Brewer, Underwriter

Very happy to be at Cornerstone Home Lending!
- Kimberly Morrissette, Production Associate

This truly is an amazing company. I am honored that I have the opportunity to work with Cornerstone and look forward to growing in my career here.
-Liz Roberts, Administrative Assistant

I appreciate how you live by the mission statement and make positive differences in lives.
-Carl Arceneaux, Processor

I just left a closing. It was special to see the excitement and anticipation of home ownership on our borrower’s face. She thanked me over and over for the help we provided to make this possible. The smile, the excitement, and the anticipation showed belong to all of you!
Thank you, Rose for always providing that extra effort. Thank you for calling FNMA and calling me after hours on a Friday afternoon. You are a tremendous resource for CHL. Thank you, Lisa, for being such a splendid underwriter and for your calm, supportive attitude. You are a blessing to our Region. Thank you, Angie, for all the help you extend over and over for condo approvals. Thank you, Diane, for developing such a wonderful condo team. , Thank you, Cyndi, for piecing all the details together and for the cheerful voice and laugh you bring every day to our work place. Thank you, Kim, for ALWAYS being there to support us. Thank you, David and Lana, for all you do for your originators in this region. Thanks to every team member who makes a difference at CHL.
-Nancy Newhard Belcher, Senior Vice President