Team Member Testimonials

September 2017

It is such a great honor to help our Team Members when need arises and another great example of what a unique and great company we have that really does care for each other.
-Pierre La Pres, Loan Officer

I absolutely love working for Cornerstone and being a Team Member of such a great company. I will be around as long as you will have me!
-Bertie Vena, Senior Loan Closer

This past year at Cornerstone has been an incredible experience, thanks to my team members and support from my superiors. Our core values and mission instilled here is one that I am very proud of, and I am happy to be a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Steve Schaefer, Secondary Marketing

I couldn't have achieved such success without my team, your team, and the rest of this unbelievable company. I am absolutely blown away by it all. Thank you for everything!
-Daniel Tokar, Loan Officer

I am honored to be part of such an amazing company.
-Karen Wilson , Vice President / Closing Manager

Being at Cornerstone has really been one of the most rewarding years of my professional career. I would like to extend a sincere “Thank you” from my family and me as well, to you and the rest of our leadership team. Thank you not only for creating a work environment that allows me to continue to grow in the skills that financially support my family but also creating such a pleasant environment to come to every day. I am a better husband and a father because our workplace promotes such positivity. I truly feel valued, and that makes all the difference to me as a Team Member!
-Don Rosecrans, IT Talent Engagement Manage

I am so proud to say I work with Cornerstone. I will continue to strive to make you proud of our team’s efforts!
-Pam Eastwold, Senior Loan Officer

I am amazed by how wonderful everyone has been. I truly feel at home and have never experienced such a beautiful work family!
-Vanessa Ortego, Bilingual Loan Processor

I am so blessed to be a TEAM member of a great organization.
-Nikki Brown, Loan Processor

I love being part of OUR fantastic organization!
-Jerome Schneider, Loan Officer

I wanted to reach out and say thank you for sending me the book Living Forward. It just came in the mail, and it means a lot that you/Cornerstone would care enough to send it! I’m very glad to be a part of the Cornerstone Team and am excited to see what the future brings! This is a very blessed company.
-Destiny Pelfrey, Processing Assistant

I am so honored and blessed to call myself a team member of this company! I hope this is only the 2nd year of many, many more!
- Taylor Clifford, Compliance Analyst

I appreciate all that we do for your team members. One of my daughters and her husband are in the mortgage business in Minnesota. In her words…”Cornerstone is top notch.” I agree wholeheartedly.
-Peggy Michel, Investor Delivery

It has been such a blessing to work here, and I look forward to many amazing years to come with this wonderful company. Thank you so much for all you do for us!
- Shannon Foley, Loan Officer

I am so glad there is a Cornerstone Cares Fund that we as CHL team members can contribute to so we can collectively help out fellow team members during a time of personal crisis.
-Sherri Elder, Northern Colorado Operations Manager

I’ve only been with the company for a very short time, but I have loved every minute. I’m a sales recruiter, and in my short tenure I have found that Cornerstone is actually delivering. I greatly appreciate the nature of our recruiting strategy): don’t get in such a hurry to get a new hire that could sacrifice the culture of the company for. We’re looking for the best, and I know that takes some time. I’m glad to know that Cornerstone understands.
-Michael Puyear, Recruiter

We saw this video in new hire training 2 months ago, and I was taken away. It gave me good goose bumps and solidified my decision to come to Cornerstone to work! I take the vision statement very seriously. Thank you for all you have done.
-Jennifer David, Underwriter

I am beyond shocked and so grateful for this amazing company I work for, and all its caring people!
-Ranzy York, Loan Processing Assistant

I am so grateful to work with an awesome Company!
-Yasuko Klassen, Loan Closer

Glad to be a part of the Team!
-Yoshi Ruffin, Receptionist

I am blessed to be here!
-Bobby Johnson, Senior Mortgage Advisor

It’s been a pleasure working with you and the amazing company we’ve built!
-Andrew Darby, Underwriter

I am blessed to be here and be surrounded with such AMAZING people. I am honored to work with such a FANTASTIC company!
-Georgia Cox, Senior Loan Processor

It’s a privilege to be a part of the Cornerstone Family.
-Vi Tripathi, Assistant Vice President, Investor Delivery

I have really enjoyed my first year here.
-Shana Shore, Processor Assistant

I appreciate your allowing me to be a part of this fantastic Cornerstone team for going on 30 years. It has been my pleasure to do my part to protect the company and to support production. My life has been blessed since my initial interview. I still remember sitting at that temporary, shaky table, much younger and much thinner, with a dream to join the very best mortgage company and be part of that family. My dreams have more than come true!
-Cindy Annis, Senior Vice President

I love Cornerstone!
-Hector Fernandez, Mortgage Banker

I am very proud of our Cornerstone Team for navigating through that whole Hurricane crisis. It is truly a testament speaking volumes of the culture we have and the love and respect and care we all have for each other.
-Cari Reed, Regional Business Manager

I am proud to represent a company that takes care of its team.
-Gina Chavez, Loan Officer

It’s been a great place to work, and I feel truly blessed!
-Windy Strauss, Senior Mortgage Banker

Windy Strauss, Senior Mortgage Banker
-Mark McDowell, Loan Officer

I am quite thankful for my job here in Western Colorado.
-Starr Graham-Baldwin, Loan Officer Assistant

I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else! Cornerstone is an amazing company and I am very blessed to be a part of this team!
-Kelly Stepp, Loan Officer

I am always impressed at your thoughtfulness and recognition of all employees.
-Tara Doak, Loan Officer

Thank you for your leadership as we navigate the natural disasters that impact our team members AND the changing world of our industry. Neither is for the faint of heart.
-Michael Landis, Regional HBM Director

I just wanted to say that I truly feel blessed working with Cornerstone.
- James L. Benight, Assistant Processor

I am happy to be a part of such an amazing team and company!
-Sarah Sullivan, Transaction Coordinator

It has been a great year and I am looking forward to many more with the Cornerstone family!
-Jennifer Siefken, Loan Closer/Funder

I am so very blessed and grateful to work with such an amazing company!
-Benson Sargent, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you for giving me a job I love. I appreciate YOU greatly.
- Donnell Kelley, Underwriter

Best professional decision I ever made. I love it here!
-Marci Green, Underwriter

Super stoked to be here!
-Jimmy I. Zayas, Junior Loan Processor

It’s been a great two years and I am looking forward to many more!
-Rachel White, Underwriter

It’s been an honor to work for such a great company and alongside incredible team members!
-Eric Smith, Regional Marketing Director

Being at Cornerstone has been an awesome experience.
-Faith Davis, Loan Processor

I love being a part of the Cornerstone Family.
-Sandra Diaz, Condo Review Department

I’m happy to be part of the Cornerstone team!
- Jennifer R. Bray, Loan Officer

There are no words to express my gratitude for the recognition and overwhelming sense of value that you have given me. I work with an incredible company and incredible people that continue to recognize and foster the gifts each member of the team brings. I love what I do for Cornerstone. I love talking with our borrowers , answering their questions, and educating them as much as I can about the loan process and locking in their interest rate since so many are first time home buyers. I am looking very forward to the next 15 years!
-Suzanne Palmer

This has been a truly remarkable year and I am so honored to be with such a great team and company.
-Rachel Hewat, Assistant Processor

It certainly does not feel like I have been with Cornerstone for five years. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to many more years.
-Andy Useche, Underwriter

I'm Team Cornerstone all the way!
-German Tolentino, Loan Officer

I will continue to be an honest and hard worker as I am very grateful to be a part of the Cornerstone Family! May many blessings continue to shower your families.
-Paula Cruz, Post Closing

I have enjoyed every minute of working here at CHL and the great people that make this company “Shine” in the mortgage industry.
-Pam West, Underwriter

I feel blessed to work for, and with, such an amazing, generous and compassionate group of individuals. The good deeds Cornerstone continuously does for its team members promote the drive to follow through and do for others.
-Shannon Sandoval, Business Intelligence :: Business Analyst

Good morning. I know it’s a little weird for me to email the CEO of the company, but I wanted to let you know what an amazing company you have made. This week will be my second month with Cornerstone. I am so lucky and thankful that I am a proud team member of this amazing company!
-Jennifer David, Underwriter

I am so blessed to be a part of such an incredible company!
- Kimberly Renz, Underwriter

Some of you already know that David Couch (Loan Officer) and his two brothers-in-law bought a 5-ton truck and headed from San Antonio to Houston a few days ago to help and rescue those in need after Hurricane Harvey. I am personally so proud of David as he has set an example that we all should strive to follow! He didn't hesitate, and instead he jumped in that truck and truly went to help; he rolled up his sleeves and went to work! David, THANK YOU for being such a great human! Proud of you!
-Manuel Valdes, Senior Vice President :: Builder Division