Our mission is to provide you with an honest, well-communicated and knowledge-based lending experience.

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Have you worked with a company who made you feel like they were just out to make a buck?

For more than 25 years, Kelly Zitlow has been doing the right thing for her clients. If we're not your best option, she'll be honest with you. Learn About Kelly...

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Worried you won't know what's going on with your home loan and you won't be able to talk to someone?

No crickets here! Our award-winning team of dedicated professionals will communicate with you every step of the way via text, email, and personal phone calls. Get Started Today...

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Confused about how the process works and not sure about all of your home loan options?

Our knowledgeable team has more than 100 years of combined experience. We'll guide you through the process and provide you with all your options. Meet Our Team...

How Do I Get Prequalified for a Mortgage?

How Do I Get Prequalified for a Mortgage? Watch my video for the scoop, including: ✅ What is a mortgage prequalification? ✅ What questions are on the mortgage loan application? ✅ What documentation is needed for a mortgage prequalification? ✅ How long does a mortgage prequalification last? ✅ Can I buy a house in the name of my business?

Prequalify in Minutes
Should I buy a house in this crazy Market?

Should I buy a house in this crazy Market?

It's a CRAZY real estate market out there! You maybe be wondering should I buy a house in this market? You've probably been thinking about it...so what are you waiting for? ✅ Waiting for a Housing Market Crash? ✅ Waiting for Home Prices to Drop? ✅ Waiting for Rates to Go Lower? If any of these apply to you, WATCH👀 this video!!!

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The Kelly Zitlow Group is a team of dedicated professionals who care deeply about our clients. Together, we have over 100 years of combined experience in mortgage lending. There are seven (7) licensed loan officers on the team and five (5) support staff. Three (3) of our team members are bilingual. Each member of the team is committed to providing an honest, well-communicated and a knowledge-based lending experience. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.
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