Team Member Testimonials

July 2010

Seriously, I have huge admiration for the way you run this company. 

I am so glad I made the decision to join Cornerstone last April. God has blessed me with such a unique opportunity to be a part of such a wonderful culture. I want to keep a never ending “attitude of gratitude” in everything I do at work.
Thanks for your leadership,

Thank you so much for my birthday present and card.  It was so thoughtful of you to remember me since I have only been here about 7 weeks. It is such a pleasure to work for a company that appreciates its employees and tells them on a daily basis. I hope to be here for many years to come.
-S Richard

I have not had the pleasure of meeting you as I am a new employee as of May 3rd. I currently have my office at The Woodlands branch but hope to move to new office facilities in Kingwood next week. I will be joining my “family”: we have worked together for 10+years. I wanted to thank you for the funny birthday card and the gift. I have never before received personal recognition of my birthday from the CEO of a large company. It is quite unusual and another indication of the quality of co-workers I have joined.
-K.D. Sword

You have made a wonderful decision with Cornerstone – they are an absolutely awesome company.  I have known Marc Laird and Judy Belanger for many years, and you cannot find a better Leadership group anywhere! 
-Jackie A, Managing Director - Mortgage Services

It has definitely been both positive and profitable [to be here at Cornerstone], and I’m thankful everyday that we are here. I don’t think we would be in this position had we not come on board.  Thank you for your help in getting us here, and, hopefully, we’ll continue growing with Cornerstone for a long time.

I can't believe it's already been 3 years with Cornerstone! Best decision we've ever made. I don't think there is any other way we'd be where we are now otherwise. I always knew this was a great place, but this spring I found out just how special it is to be part of the Cornerstone Family. The outpouring of genuine support I received during the darkest hours of my life really made me feel that this is home. I can't imagine ever being anywhere else.

It is hard to believe I have worked a combined 13 years for Cornerstone. It is such a great place to be, and it is an honor to work for you. Thank you for all of your help and confidence this year. You have helped me grow as an employee and as a person.
-S Harris

I wanted to thank you for the gift card last month. I decided to pass it on and used it to sponsor my sister-in-law’s “Relay for Life” team for the local Lakeville Relay For Life coming up later this month. Kind of fun to know that the gift you gave keeps giving and will help the cancer battle. It was fun to be able to give a donation and not have to worry about how to budget it!
-N Fredrickson

I can sincerely say that I love my job and I am very thankful for the opportunity to be a part of Cornerstone.
-C Dent-Pullen

[This has been] a fantastic year for me, and there is nowhere else I’d rather be.
-W Larson

I am excited to finally be here and be a part of the Cornerstone Family. My sister, who is now retired, was a part of Cornerstone and is so complimentary of both you and Judy that this feels very “right” for me. Thank you again for the “Welcome aboard.”
-N Saliba

I am a new employee in Louisiana, and I love the company. What an awesome company! I am glad to be a part of it.  
-P Gaudet

I am very happy to be at your company. I have been in the mortgage industry since 1990, and I do not like to change companies.  I was very unhappy with the customer service that I was able to offer at our previous company (I was there for just under two years and nine years at the company prior).  Our whole office was familiar with our new manager, and she and several others have gone out of their way to help us re-establish ourselves. Thank you for structuring a company that I am proud to be a part of.
-S Place

I think that this is a truly amazing company and I am blessed to be part of it.  I have filled out the authorization form to be a part of the Cornerstone Cares program.  I pledge to increase my contribution as my production and income increase. Thanks for letting me work here! 
-J Levenson

I just wanted to thank you guys for everything! You all have been a pleasure to work with and so very helpful in every way! You guys made what could be a very confusing and somewhat complicated process a breeze. Working with people that can answer the many questions that come up and do it so that it actually is understandable is priceless! I will recommend you guys to anybody and everybody in the future!
Thanks again
-K Pittman, a satisfied customer

It’s becoming more evident that we [Cornerstone] are a known, local lender that is turning more “Houses into Homes” and only see our volume ever so growing in our market and the market share likewise.  Thank you all for your support and patience in allowing our Team to explore other opportunities for mortgage financing with CMC in this troubling housing debacle.  Without your support it would be a very difficult undertaking. 
-B Smith