Team Member Testimonials

November 2010

I genuinely enjoy working for this company and I’m proud to be a member of the team. 
-Jordan Shows, Appraisal Coordinator/ Quest

I just started with Cornerstone, had my first closing yesterday, one today and am thrilled I made my decision to move out of the Broker community to Cornerstone. The support I’ve received from my team members is incredibly impressive.  Your email [re: the Employee Assistance Program] is very generous as well and shows the strength of your leadership in taking care of your people.  I appreciate that.  
-Megan McDonald, Branch Manager

Wow! This is amazing. Thank you Marc!  Just when I think we can’t get any better…..The wonderful changes that Cornerstone makes gives me hope and helps me remember just how blessed I am.
-Paula Barksdale, Secondary Marketing Pricing and Product Manager

Marc, Thank you so much for always caring about all of us. This is great.
-Flo McGee, Receptionist

I just want to say, “Thank You.” I hung up with one of our LIP’s (loans in process) about ten minutes ago, and we talked for an hour, mostly about why I love this industry, my job, and my company (He owns a very successful consulting firm and travels the world to tell companies what they need to do to grow their market share and become more successful). By the end of our conversation he offered me a job, but only if I left my current situation b/c he said he knows how much of an impact I make every day (happy tears in my eyes).  And then I read this email you sent [re: the Employee Assistance Program], and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. I don’t need any of the services below, and I hope I never do …But I appreciate your vision and everything you are doing for our people.  Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a good one. Keep up the great work!
-Emily Duggan, Mortgage Consultant

Wow, this [newly implemented Employee Assistance Program] is pretty amazing. Thank you very much for caring so much about all of us. You’ve just given me one more thing to be grateful for as a Cornerstone employee.
-Liz Kundrath, Closing Coordinator

At some point I quit pinching myself to make sure it is real. I am so thankful for you and Judy and your servant leadership. I feel valued and appreciated even if I personally never use the services. There truly is no place like Cornerstone.
-Dean Johnson, Regional Manager

Thank you so much for all you and Judy do for us! It is a blessing that I thank God for every day, working here with people I consider family.  
-Darlene Caballero , Condition Coordinator in Branch Co-ordination

Every time you send something or make a statement like you do in your Cornerstone intro video, you remind us why Cornerstone is so very unique.  I hope you truly recognize what a positive difference these little things make in our lives.  On-boarding people, opening up offices, closing loans, dealing with investor changes, a little NMLS and Dodd-Frank bologna, layering upon layering of guidelines and staff trying mightily to keep up with Loan Officers who want it done yesterday – it’s exciting and, it’s stressful.  People are crumbling all around us, and we truly view you as a rock.  We look to you for direction and guidance, even when you don’t think we’re looking.  Thank you for always doing what you say and allowing me to be able to deliver on my promises.  I know that each member of my team is grateful for you.  Have an awesome, fearless, God-led day Marc! 
-Carrie  Guarrero, Vice President and Regional Manager

Thank you for your convictions, your vision and for your refusal to compromise on your beliefs!
-Nichole Frederickson, Processor

I am so glad that as our leader you have the moral courage to send these emails! It is a privilege to work at CMC. 
-Nancy Newhard, Senior Vice President and Loan Officer

I received the signed card from you guys [in Public Relations/Marketing] this morning, congratulating me on my first year with Cornerstone. I was absolutely blown away that you guys would all personally sign the card and make a point to send it out to me. You guys are amazing and are the reason that I love working for this company. A lot of companies have values posted because it sounds nice, but I’ve never been in a company where the actions match the words as much as they do here. It’s a blessing to work with each one of you and look forward to many more years of doing so. This Thanksgiving I’m thankful for Cornerstone and colleagues like you. I’m blown away. Have a great weekend!
-Jacob Washburn, Mortgage Advisor

I just needed to let you know how important getting this email was to me today.  With as difficult as our industry is right now, God always manages to show up for me when I need him most, and today he did that through you.  I am really blessed to have you at the wheel here. Thank you from the bottom of my little stressed out, mortgage loving heart.
-Donnell Kelley, Production Manager

Thank you for my card (You’ve Still Got It). Things have been a little tough over the last few months for my production,  so this reminder gives me a step up today that I, in fact, can do it and hold my own destiny. Thank you for being a great leader of this company and for doing everything you can to give us a advantage over our competitors.
-Baine McClure, Senior Loan Officer

I feel blessed to be associated with such a wonderful company, especially with the support that we, the employees, are given.
-Debbie Clark, Loan Officer

My wife and I prayed with great thanksgiving this morning that I am at Cornerstone. Thank you for the opportunity to be here.
-Jay Crowell, CMP Vice President, District Manager

I would like to thank you, Judy, and the accounting department for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a great company and team.  I hope to be here long enough to get my picture on the wall for being here 10+ years, something I saw for the first time earlier this week after being here two years.  I am truly blessed.
-Dameion Vital, Commissions Accountant

It’s continues to be my pleasure to work for such a great company.  
-Debbie Wleczyk , Loan Servicing

Thanks for setting up these live help lines. I have used them periodically since they have been available and it is EXTREMELY helpful to have a live person to talk to right away when trying to clarify details for a loan.
-Penny Kast, Loan Officer

Just a quick email to say thank you for all you do.  I love working for you and this company!
-Heather Bomar, Senior Mortgage Advisor

I truly appreciate the thoughtfulness of it [your anniversary note] and the way you and your executive leadership team care for our people.  I am honored to be part of a company that cares for its employees and operates with such integrity.  I look forward to being part of its continued success as we grow together and serve with excellence.  Thanks again for the note.
-Kevin J. Hansen, Loan Officer