Team Member Testimonials

June 2010

I just wanted to say thank you and let you know how much I really like this company.    This company truly puts family first. Coming [here] from a huge company that did not put family first is a breath of fresh air, and I am proud to say I work at Cornerstone Mortgage.

I just received a Cookie Basket for my 5th anniversary w/ the company. Thank You both! That was such a nice surprise: I was totally taken off guard. You both continue to do nice things for your employees, and, I greatly appreciate it. I look forward to many more years with the company.
–S Cooney

I wanted to let you know my experience with the company so far has been outstanding.  The training, helpfulness and hospitality of everyone I have come in contact with so far has been spot on!  It is a breath of fresh air to finally work for a company that appreciates its employees, and shows it in everything they do.  I am thankful for this opportunity.
–B Wells

Thank you [for the anniversary greeting]. I still feel blessed being here everyday.
-D Ellis

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for putting together the Building Champions seminar in Northern Colorado for us.  We attended it this morning and REALLY enjoyed it.  It really was some great information, and the guys were great speakers!  In this crazy world, it is nice to go to something like that to remind us of those daily things we need to be grateful for and to keep success coming in our lives. Again, thank you very much for such a great opportunity and benefit!
–Julie J.

Truthfully, it has been a great 5 years, and I look forward to the next 5.
I just want to thank you both for the generous gift I received from you two this morning. You don’t know how much this means to me. I have never worked for a company where I felt so appreciated. Thank you so much [not only] for the signs of appreciation but mostly for the opportunity to work for such an outstanding company. 
–R Johnson

Thank you guys SOOOO much [for the anniversary gift card]! You are so precious. I am always reminded of how lucky I am to work here!
–Lana Clary

I really appreciate both of you for allowing me the opportunity to work for such a wonderful company. Thank you for the gifts. They brought tears to my eyes because I felt so appreciated and recognized. No other company can come close to Cornerstone Mortgage Company. I work with some wonderful people and feel very blessed each and every day for having everyone in my life. My commitment is to Cornerstone and the customers I work with on a daily basis. My goal is to make their dreams come true when it comes to their mortgage needs. Cornerstone gives me the ability to do that, and the reward is the happiness that emanates from their warm smiles and thank you’s. I am truly blessed and I look forward to working for many more years to come.
–L Olgin

Thank you very much for the gift card. It’s always nice to know that we [as employees] are appreciated.  It’s nice to know that Cornerstone lives by its Mission Statement.  
–R Jenkins

I received the lovely surprise of an American Express gift card this morning  for Employee Appreciation Day.  Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and recognition! 
-L Bernal 

I’ve never been associated with a company and managers that appreciate and support their employees the way you two do.
-J Ballard, Senior Vice President

I am so sorry that I have not thanked you sooner.  It’s just been a very busy month (or more)!  But truly, the past three years with Cornerstone have been an absolute pleasure and joy for me! I look forward to the next three years, plus so many more.
–Jackie W.

I am truly grateful to be working w/such a great company.  Thank you for making this anniversary extra special
Deanne Castillo

My husband and I recently closed on a home that your staff assisted us with the financing at Cornerstone Mortgage Company.  We could not believe that such a team of people still existed in this world.  We have sold and bought homes for the last 36 years, and we had never ever had the type of help your staff gave us.  There are not words to describe what a super staff you have. These ladies went over and beyond the call of duty. You guys are the BEST in TEXAS.
–J & L Hernandez