Team Member Testimonials

August 2011

I wanted to thank you for your email & the wonderful 5 year anniversary gifts. The day started with a gift card and ended with a cookie bouquet. I feel very fortunate to work for such a great company.
-Bene Pendergras, Conventional Underwriter

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the assistance provided from the Cornerstone Care Fund in a time of great need. You and everyone at Cornerstone are extraordinary! I am blessed to be a part of Cornerstone!
-Anonymous, Loan Officer

I am so excited about the future of Cornerstone: I feel I am on the ground floor and look forward to how high, how far this company can grow.  With your continued guidance, I expect grand things to come. 
Thank you for all you and Judy do.
-Terri McClellan, Testing

I love my job and the people I work with!
-Lisa Taylor, Conventional Underwriting Help Desk

I am so proud of you and Judy.  Everyone can tell how much you truly love Cornerstone and how much you care about all of us.
-Flo McGee, Receptionist

It has been a pleasure to work for such a fantastic company.  I hope to celebrate many more anniversaries here!
-Anne Fairweather, Mortgage Loan Closer

I truly appreciate you, Judy and the rest of the Cornerstone family ….it’s wonderful to work with such a caring group of people.               
-Shannon Hendrick, Senior Underwriter

Cornerstone Mortgage Company has always treated me like family. I am very proud to be a part of this organization.
-Susan Johnson, Mortgage Loan Closer/Funder

We are so blessed to work for such a wonderful company!               
-Bridgette Dickson, Public Relations

I just received a phone call from a client in Orlando, Florida . . .  [who] stated that when she saw the MISSION STATEMENT on the FOOTER of my Facebook Fan Page [that] drove home Customer Service and Values, she just had to call. [Her] call is a testament to our MISSION STATEMENT.
-Bo Smith, Loan Officer

Thank you it has been my pleasure to be associated with such fine people and a caring company.
-Penny J Benton, Underwriter

Not all companies make their employees feel so appreciated. I am blessed to work here.  -Connie Vitulli, Production Department

I really enjoy working for this company.                                           
-Eva Bernabe, Finalization Department

I am excited about the growth opportunities that will be available in the near future.  I have expressed how I want to gain more experience and grow with the company, and, Marc, I must say that I love the fact that you truly honor and respect the mission, vision, and values of Cornerstone.  So many companies today do not, and I feel honored to work for a company that still follows the organization’s mission.
-Heidi Watkins, Loan Operations

I’m so proud to be part of this organization that you and Judy have built!
-Lucila I. Bernal, Cornerstone Education

What a remarkable opportunity for our producers! I am so thankful for your heart and the commitment that flows out of it.
-Ray Eickhoff, Trainer/Loan Originator

I am very happy to be a part of Cornerstone Mortgage.   I did not take the move lightly as I’d been with my former employer for 9 years, but the time was right, and I am glad I’ve made the move.   After my 2- day training in Ft Collins and getting set up in my office, I am feeling at home already.                             
-Ann Coughenour, Senior Loan Officer

I love working here because of the great working atmosphere!  
-Munni Alexander, Production Artist

Thank you for allowing me to be able to use my skills, knowledge, and God-given talents here at Cornerstone. This is a great company to work for, and I hope I have many more years to come.            
-Tracy Buhler, Loan Operations

Thank you for the acknowledgement. My TEAM, plus processors and underwriters, did a great job getting them all loans closed in a timely fashion. I could have never funded so many loans without being a part of the Cornerstone Family! Thank YOU for a great company!
-Sam Bursch, Senior Loan Officer

I’m constantly amazed at the way this company focuses on their employees.
-John Ballard, Senior Vice President

I love working here, and I appreciate everything you do for everyone. 
-Doris Lewis, Receptionist

It is truly a pleasure to work among such professionals.  I absolutely love it here and feel honored to be a part of the Cornerstone team.                                                        
-Sharita Neal, Senior Loan Closer