Team Member Testimonials

January 2011

I'm happy to have an opportunity to be affiliated with such a great company.  The company's vision and commitment to its core values is refreshing and admirable. The fact that they are non-negotiable is inspiring.  NOW, I can sell that! 
-Mike Carey, Loan Officer

I am proud to be part of the Cornerstone Family.   
-Becky Smith, Loan Officer

It is hard to believe it has been 20 years—Where has the time gone? I truly love Cornerstone and the family that comes with it because that is exactly how I feel.
-Janelle Carver, Loan Officer

I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and others at Cornerstone, I really do.
-Greg Jackson, Senior Vice President

Thank you so much, Mr. Laird, for having me be a part of such a blessed and wonderful company. 
-Alfonso Ross, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you for always making Cornerstone a comforting place to work and for being so personable. I am blessed to be a part of such a great team!  
-Jeni Beecher, Loan Operations

I’d like to take this brief opportunity to share something wonderful with you. I was given the great opportunity to travel to Johnson City, TN, this week to train new hires just before they launch their new office over here.  During casual talk about the mortgage industry, the bank they previously were employed with, and so on, one of the ladies told me that she had interviewed with two other lenders prior to considering Cornerstone Mortgage.  She said that the determining factor for making Cornerstone her next home was our Vision Statement.  I couldn’t keep this wonderful comment to myself and wanted to share with you what I so often hear after speaking with new members of your phenomenal organization. Thank you for the confidence you instill in your employees and for leading by such great example.  
-Lucila I. Bernal , Cornerstone Education

I am continually impressed with the commitment to excellence and knowledge here at Cornerstone.  I truly love helping make people’s dream of home ownership a smooth, exciting, and joyful experience.  I look forward to working here many years,
-Jacqueline Aguilar, Senior Loan Processor

I feel very privileged to work for such a great organization.    
-Brad Kirkpatrick, Loan Officer

Thank you so much for the welcome. I have discovered what an amazing and special company Cornerstone is, and I am so grateful and blessed to be here. 
-Paula Gilvarry, New Loan Officer Liaison

I’m thrilled to become an employee of Cornerstone. I’ve experienced nothing but great people with wonderful, positive attitudes since joining the family, and that is so refreshing.                                                               
-Valeria Collins, Loan Officer

It is very refreshing to think in this day, time and this industry that the President and CEO’s would be so considerate to acknowledge my birthday.  I’m blown away, very frankly, and I cannot tell you how much your recognition of this occasion means to this Underwriter.  You guys ROCK!                      
-Penny J Benton, Underwriter

Thank you for the warm welcome to Cornerstone Mortgage Company.  I am thrilled to be working with people who really do want to give the customer excellent service.  With your permission, I plan to use the Vision Statement as my “calling card” as I reintroduce myself to the Realtor and Builder community in San Antonio.  I am looking forward to a long, happy and productive tenure with Cornerstone Mortgage Company. 
-Jean-Marie Warren, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you for the introduction and attachments of the Cornerstone Story and Mission Statement.  I truly consider myself fortunate to have this opportunity and feel as though I should be delivering Lou Gehrig’s “Luckiest Man” speech in the mirror each morning.  The Vision, Mission and Values of Cornerstone are a breath of fresh air as a guide to conduct business.  Upon first learning of the guiding principles you have set for Cornerstone, you reminded me of a person I greatly admire Jon M. Huntsman, founder of the Huntsman Cancer Institute and author of “Winners Never Cheat.”     
-Joe Harvey, Loan Officer

It means a lot to be able to say that I have a boss who truly cares about the employees. It's no wonder Cornerstone ranks as one of the Top Best Places to Work.  I am honored to be one of the employees. Thank you, Marc, for always caring! And thank you for continuing to give me the opportunity to call Cornerstone home. 
-Bertha Casas, Assistant Vice President, Secondary Marketing

I would like you to know that I really enjoy working with the people at Cornerstone. I have found everyone willing to help in every way—from getting us licensed to how we present ourselves to our clients. It is very refreshing to come on board with a new company whose employees are not only knowledgeable in their profession but are happy in their work. You are to be commended in the way you have structured your organization as well as surrounded yourself with such capable people. “Wanting to make the loan” and  quick responses to our needs and questions  are such  different notions from other employers’ philosophies. Thank you for your warm welcome and kindness during this transition. I am very excited about Cornerstone—its mission and vision— and becoming part of your growing family.                                                                   
-Bob Schwalb, Loan Officer

Having been with CMC almost 15 years, I have taken for granted the blessing of working for such a wonderful company . . . a company filled with compassion for others and a company that lives our Mission every day.  I just want to say THANK YOU for all you do for all of us.  I realize today how blessed I am to be associated with CMC, and appreciate so much, the Vision we share. 
-Janet Vaughan, Loan Officer