Client Benefits

Mortgages Under Management System

Our clients are automatically enrolled in our Mortgages Under Management System at no additional cost. This system allows us to track your mortgage and compare it to current market pricing. Through this system we also offer free rate float downs any time the mortgage rates improve. Float downs are allowed only in certain situations. Certain rules and restrictions are applicable.

Complimentary Mortgage Fitness Checkup

Is your mortgage in shape? We live in an ever evolving world and our lives are constantly changing. Babies are born, homes are grown, cars and other large expenses occur, the college tuition bill arrives, and so many other of life's changes show up. Our Complimentary Mortgage Fitness Checkup allows you to ensure that your mortgage is meeting your current needs and helping you achieve your home financing goals and dreams.

Annual Reviews

Each client receives a personalized annual review with a mortgage consultant on our team. This review allows us to connect with you and track what your current and future home financing goals are and how we can manage your mortgage to meet these goals.

Simply Closer to Home Program

Go from application to closing in just a few steps!

  • Cornerstone gives you upfront credit and mortgage approval once your financials are verified
  • You shop for a home and make an offer backed by our Commitment to Lend
  • You close on the home once Cornerstone reviews your purchase agreement, title, and appraisal

Free Subscription to Path2Buy

Whether you're ready to purchase right now, three months or three years from now, it's time to create a path that can help keep you on track. With this program, we will work closely with you to create a personalized plan that works for your home purchase timeline. Ask us for more details or sign up by clicking here.

Free Subscription to Mortgage Coach

Should you rent, buy or invest in new property? With this custom-tailored program, we can help you see - visually - what makes sense for your specific needs and how to make the most of your investment. We will create a Total Cost Analysis for you and provide a step-by-step video on which real estate solution is right for you. Contact us for more information, we're ready to help you!

Free Subscription to Mortgage Market Guide

This free online subscription gives you weekly updates on the market and how it is affecting mortgages. You'll be able to track where rates have been and be kept up to date on market news that influences the future of interest rates and the mortgage industry.

Lock and Shop Program

Are you ready to lock a rate, but haven't found a home yet? This program gives you rate protection while you shop for a home. You'll be able to lock in the current interest rate for a lock term of 90 days. Ask us for more details.

Quarterly Seminars

We hold seminars each quarter that are open to all our clients. Our seminars include classes for first time homebuyers, Refinancing 101, RESPA updates, and business & life coaching sessions. Seminars are held at in one of our two conference centers in our Downtown Seattle office located in the One Union Building at 600 University St. Seminars may also be held at an available space at your office if desired.

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