Team Member Testimonials

April 2012

Today was The Woodlands Support Staff Appreciation Day, and, boy, was it a hit! Everyone truly enjoyed his/her massage and catered lunch. Thank you so much for always thinking of your employees and for making Cornerstone Mortgage Company an AWESOME company to work for.
-Kim McGee , Regional Operations Manager

I just wanted to personally say thank you for covering the increase in our healthcare cost. I am so very proud to work here! Both of you and this company truly are special, and I just love this place and everyone here.
- Sabrina Nowling, Senior Marketing Director

I have truly been blessed to find a company to work for that reflects my core values
It is a pleasure working here.
-Elizabeth Vaughan, Loan Officer

I continue to enjoy working for a company that values its employees each and every day.  It is a refreshing change for me.
-Terisa Poirier, Administrative Assistant

Thank you so much for the special items that came our way on Employee Appreciation Day. I am thankful to work for such an amazing company. This is great.
-Jacob Washburn, Mortgage Advisor

Thank you both very much for the gift card. I am truly honored to be a part of the Cornerstone “FAMILY.”
-Gail Sandoval, Loan Processor/Closer

Thank you for the gift card [commemorating my Cornerstone anniversary].  I am sitting at my desk bawling like a baby.  I truly appreciate your generosity. Here’s to many more years of success at Cornerstone Mortgage.
-Cindy Henderson, Senior Processor

It’s hard to find a better company with two more caring individuals at the helm
So, it’s easy to see why everyone is so sold on working at Cornerstone and staying put.

It’s hard to go a day without discovering another instance of how you “lead by serving,”
So, it’s easy to be very grateful for everything that makes Cornerstone so special.

Thank you for a SPA-tacular day of delightful treats!
-Candace Leibe, Executive Assistant

Thank you for having the vision to build a truly impressive organization. It makes the work so much more enjoyable and exciting.                           
-CC Cooper, Vice President – Education

I am very proud to work for such a great company!
-Veronica White, Regional Closer

You guys are great.  I enjoy being a part of the team.
-Tom Beck, Senior Residential Mortgage Lender

I really enjoy my job here at Cornerstone and am looking forward for many more years to come.
-Kim Lee, Senior ABA Closer

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Angelica Kelley, Government Underwriting Support

I love being here. 
-Christine Wanner, Processor

Thank you so much for the Edible Arrangement for my 5-year anniversary. I am thankful for becoming a part of the Cornerstone Family and look forward to hitting that
10-year mark.
-Mario Giraldo, Escalated Underwriting

Words cannot express my appreciation and gratitude for the opportunities you have given me and my family. Looking forward to many more!
-Gina Jackson, Senior Vice President

Thank you for the wonderful opportunities you have given me at Cornerstone.
-Mary Dinkins, Executive Vice President

I love working for Cornerstone. It is a great place to work
-Cindy Shaw, Lead Mortgage Closer

I am blessed in every way to have my “dream job” at this company.  I hope I will be here for many more years to come. 
-Katrina G. Hightower, Compliance Helpdesk Manager

I have received such a warm welcome and truly feel the positive and uplifting energy within Cornerstone. I look forward to a long and successful career here until I am FORCED to retire. I will be getting a frame this weekend so that can display our Vision Statement on my desk, proudly.
-Keelye Acord, Loan Officer Assistant

I’m lucky to be a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Theresa Steinkamp, Senior Loan Analyst

I want to thank both of you for our Support Staff Appreciation Day. It is so thoughtful of you to show your employees such gratitude. I am so blessed to work for such a great company.
I also wanted to tell you two how much I appreciate Kim McGee. She is my manager and she does so much for us here in the office. She is always there to help, and she always shows her employees that she appreciates their hard work.
-Rayanne Z. Johnson, Senior Loan Processor

As always, I feel truly blessed to be part of the Cornerstone family, and I appreciate the opportunity to work for such an outstanding company.
-Jennifer Weber, Web Design Manager

It’s a pleasure to work for your great company.
-Jamie Moody, Information Technology Department

I look forward to many more anniversaries. I appreciate all that you and your team
have built.
-Jeff LeCompte, Loan Officer

This recent IT project is a great example of the unique value proposition that Cornerstone can provide that other companies our size do not even try to attempt.  Great Team effort!
-Chris Meyers, Chief Information Officer

Working at Cornerstone has truly been a pleasure.
-Stacy Adams, Accounting