Team Member Testimonials

October 2012

Every year of my decade [at Cornerstone] has been a blessing even though I am shocked by how fast 10 years have gone by! I look forward to at least another 10 years as part of the Cornerstone Family.   
-Liz Kundrath, Closing Coordinator

Thank you so much, Marc, for taking time from your vacation to send encouraging and kind words for my anniversary.  It has been my pleasure to be involved with such a great company and caring, co-workers.
-Lisa Haynes, Vice President-Loan Servicing

It is a pleasure to work with such a great company.
-James Reese, Senior Loan Officer

I have truly enjoyed my time at Cornerstone, and plan to be a CMC team member until I retire.
-Libby Swedberg, Conventional Underwriting Help Desk Team

I was recently talking to a psychologist-friend of mine who is getting ready to open her own practice.  She was asking about my job and curious why I would continue to work long hours when, in her mind, I could easily have the choice of staying at home, working much less, or finding an easier job.  I explained about some of the incredible people I work with, how dedicated they are, how sincerely nice they are, how good they are at what they do.  I pulled out the Cornerstone card with our mission, vision, and values.  And, I told her about signing onto the computer every day with a promise to make a difference!  Some people may say it is needless, but I explained to her that for me, it is a great reminder to get my attitude right—from the start. She asked to keep the card to model her own business after.  She told me that she was honestly AMAZED to learn about a company with that much commitment! It made me proud to work here and I thought you might enjoy hearing that.                                                        
-Alice Von Seggern, Underwriter

Little do people, who are OUTSIDE this great company, realize how blessed and fortunate we are to have an underwriting team that is as committed to our customers and our referral partners as our production teams are.  Truly amazing! THANKS AGAIN, for all you do for us, you are truly appreciated!!
-Gene Humphries, Regional Manager

I have been here 4 years now and have loved every minute of it! Cornerstone is a wonderful company to work for!
-Julie Nelson, Closer

I feel so honored to work for such a great company!
-Nicole Miller, Quality Control

I have loved my five years with Cornerstone! I am very glad to be working for such a great company.
-Janet Gallagher, Financial Analyst

It has been a pleasure to work here and I am looking forward to many more anniversaries!!
-Julie Anderson, Sr. Loan Processor

What an amazing team we have at Cornerstone!  Due to unfortunate circumstances that took place in one of our branches yesterday, we had to call in Cindy Simmons “over-flow” processing team for help. We even had loan officers in other branches offering to pull non-critical files from Cindy’s team so they could better assist our branch in need.  Thank you for your support!
-Mary Dinkins, Regional President

It has been a wonderful 5 years.  Together with Cornerstone we’ve all been able to achieve more than I ever dreamed. 
-Brian Bomar, Branch Manager

I feel so privileged to work with and for such amazing people.
-Lana Clary, Production Assistant

It is after 7:00 Vegas time, so it’s 9:00 PM in Texas.  Our recently re-hired processor Stacy is still working at the office to get out disclosures and meet compliance. She ran into a glitch so out of desperation she emailed Paula Barksdale in Houston, who has a sick daughter at home.  Paula graciously answered her phone, and got Katrina Hightower on the other line. They are currently helping Stacy get the job done.  Completely unreal and amazing! There is just no place like this Cornerstone home, and no people like those who call it home. You all exceed expectations every day, and we greatly appreciate all of you.
-Vicky & Pierre, Production Partners

I have a great team and awesome support system with Cornerstone. I feel very fortunate to work here.
-Lisa Kassuba, Senior Loan Officer

I appreciate you all so very much and wanted to express my gratitude. To produce large volumes like this definitely takes a team effort, and once again, you shined! Look at the dreams we are fulfilling and how we are making a difference in the lives of the families we help! It’s terribly exciting! I hope you have a wonderful month ahead! Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any way.
-Sharla Ellis, Top Producing Loan Officer

I also want to say what a pleasure it is to work for such a great company that cares so much about its employees! It makes moving to a big city and being overwhelmed so much nicer.
-Wendee Myers, RESPA Auditor

I feel blessed that the past ten years have been with Cornerstone – I really enjoy working here and hope to continue for quite some time!
-Kim Link, Relationship Manager