Team Member Testimonials

May 2012

I appreciate working for a company that places such a high value on integrity and honesty.  I was given the written mission statement when I interviewed, and after reading it, decided that I was going to do everything I could to get hired here! I have continued to be impressed with CMC.  I have noticed that the management here have all learned my name and made a point to welcome me. Everyone has been very helpful and kind in training and answering my questions. I’m so happy to be “part of the family”!
-Alice Von Seggern, Underwriter

Thank you very much for the warm welcoming (Secret: I’ve already realized this is a wonderful company to be a part of!) Everyone has gone beyond the extremes to make sure my questions are answered and that I feel comfortable. I greatly appreciate everything. I am very excited, and I already love everything. The ladies at this office are amazing, and I feel greatly honored to be able to work with them. What can I say? I think you can already see my excitement. I hope to meet you soon.
-Holly Hahn, Loan Processor Assistant

From someone on the "front line," I know each loan officer feels the same:  we give a big, huge "thank you" to everyone within the Cornerstone family for helping us with our originations and for being able to make it to the finish line so that we can make a difference in the lives of so many!  We count on you tremendously and appreciate your dedication and continued support! A heartfelt thank you to everyone!! 
-Sharla Ellis, Cornerstone Loan Officer for nearly 3 years
(and fan of Cornerstone for much longer)

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be part of Cornerstone Family.  I love
working here.
-Karim Lakhani, Closer

I have never been happier!
-Karen Cassidy, Senior Marketing Database Administrator

Thanks for the last three years. I do appreciate the Cornerstone family and everything the company represents.  I am proud to a part of this great organization. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead of us and solving them with such a great group of people.
-Daniel E. Cooper, CMB · Capital Markets

I am so very happy to be here.  I worked at another mortgage company for 18 years before they closed their doors, and so many of my wonderful former colleagues landed here at Cornerstone.  I knew I could make this my new home!     
-Tolesia Hampton, Regional Operations manager

I truly enjoy coming to work every day. Because of my co workers, I consider this my second home.
-Darlene Caballero, Operations Branch Coordinator

We have a wonderful management and support teams. Life is good!
 -Sue Place, CML |Certified Mortgage Lender

It has been a wonderful 2 years!
-Bridgette Dickson, Project Manager |PR Department

Thank you very much I am looking forward to many committed years at Cornerstone.
-Christina Baca, Production Assistant

Best move I ever made. Thank you!
-Angie Haag, Senior Loan Officer

I feel privileged to be part of a team that strives for excellence in so many ways! I love the mission statement, values, and vision!  The tri-fold hangs on the wall beside my desk to remind me why I am doing what I do every day.
-Alice Von Seggern, Underwriter

Words cannot express how thankful I am to work for such a great company with such fantastic people.  Thank you so much.
-Judy Griffith, Processor

It has been wonderful working here, and I am looking forward to many more years with Cornerstone!
-Sarah Curtis, Underwriting Assistant

It has been a really good three years, and I look forward to many more!   Cornerstone does some really nice things for the employees, and this is so “Not the Norm” (in the business)! 
 -N. Jeannie Cogdill, Production Partner | Loan Officer

I truly enjoy working here at Cornerstone and hope to have many more years here.
-Mark Willey, Director of Telecommunications

There are no words to express the gratitude for what you have done for our office and each one of us. I cannot thank you enough for lunch and the much-appreciated SPA day. It is such a privilege to work for a wonderful company and for exceptional people.  
-Patricia E. Castro, Senior Loan Processor

It has definitely been a great two years, and I am looking forward to many more!
-Terry York, Government Underwriter

Thank you for acknowledging my contributions to the success of the company.  It has been a pleasure, and I’m looking forward to many more years with the company.
-LaShonda Lowery, Senior Accounting

I appreciate the opportunity that Cornerstone Mortgage has given me these past 2 years!  I look forward to many more!
 -Sandy Elliott, Government Underwriting Support

Thank you both for all the things you do for us. I appreciate everything.
-Flo McGee, Receptionist

Over the weekend, I thanked the person who recommended me to Cornerstone years ago, explaining how I am glad that I made the transition and how much I love your heart and generosity.
-Rachel Buckner, Regional Marketing Development Director