Team Member Testimonials

August 2012

I am new to Cornerstone and have been looking for just the right place to work.  I know, without a doubt in my mind, that I have found that place.  Just to see how much everyone cares for others here makes ME want to be a better person and
work harder.
-Naomi Radichel, Loan Operations

The personal message you left this morning really was outstanding and a great reminder to prioritize what is important in life.  I commend you, and it is truly reassuring that the message you deliver is really about making everyone’s lives better.
-Gino Martinez, Government Underwriter

I feel blessed to be part such a great organization.
-Jeff Chapman, Producing Branch Manager

Cornerstone has one of the most precise set of closing instructions that truly makes our jobs so much easier, and the most courteous and most professional closers … that I have every worked with in close to 30 years!
-Bo Smith | Mortgage Financing Expert

I believe with all my heart in what we are doing together and am thankful that God has directed me here.                          
-Jim Hunter, Senior Vice President

I truly enjoy working for a company that values their employees!
-Sandy Maxwell, Government Lending Coordinator

It’s a pleasure working at Cornerstone.
-Vincent Parish, Production Assistant

I am grateful to work for Cornerstone Mortgage.
-Bene Pendergras, Conventional Underwriter

This is a great company to work for, and I have enjoyed working here for 11 years and plan to for a lot more. 
-Karen McMillan, Senior Closer

Thank you for creating a company that I am so very proud to be a part of.
-Chris Harden, Receptionist

I am blessed to be working for such a wonderful company. 
-Darla Cutler, Government Lending

Everyone at the office is very sincere, and I am proud to work for such a wonderful company. It is a true blessing to become a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Victoria Irving, Processor

I’d like you to know how much I appreciate the positive leadership at Cornerstone! Because of your positive leadership, I can see this attitude throughout the company. Even in these super-busy times, people are friendly, helpful, and follow your example. WAY TO GO! You are making a big difference to your employees!
-Alice Von Seggern, Underwriter

It means so much that you take the time to even notice what we do.  I know you are busy so it really makes me appreciate the personal touch so much more.  It’s a privilege to work for Cornerstone.  
-Leslie Bergen, Producing Branch Manager                                                                                         

I am so impressed with Cornerstone!
-Andrea Kehres, Servicing