Team Member Testimonials

September 2013

The last 5 years at Cornerstone have been the highlight of my professional career, and I look forward to many more. Thank you for your leadership and all you do to make Cornerstone a great place to work.
- Kerry Day  Mortgage Advisor

It’s a pleasure to work at Cornerstone!
- Carmen Perez, Financial Analyst

You make working for Cornerstone a wonderful company to work for, and I am blessed to be part of the team that makes the company work.
- Linda Patrick, Loan Operations

 [All that you do is] Truly appreciated and just reinforces my crazy love for this company!
- Scott Cummins, Production Manager / Senior Loan Officer

I just wanted to take a minute and share something that has been on my mind this week. On September 19, I will have reached my one year anniversary here at Cornerstone. The support and encouragement that is never-ending here is such a blessing to me. You have truly made a difference in my life and for that you will always have a place in my heart. I am very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company!
- Laci Glidewell, Processor

It’s a great pleasure working for Cornerstone and a blessing in many ways. Krystal Greyberg, FHA Insuring I love this place and blessed to work here!
- Joe Lombardo, Senior Mortgage Banker

I love my Cornerstone family. I hope for many more years here.
- Staci Harrelson, Loan Officer Assistant

After 23 years in the business, I am excited to join such an exciting group of professionals. I’ve only been on the job for over a week and a half, but I am quite impressed by Cornerstone’s operation thus far!  Thank you for reaching out. I am honored to be a part of your vision!
- Melanie A. Henn, Senior Mortgage Advisor

I love working here: everyone is so nice and attentive.  I hope that I will bring as much inspiration and knowledge as everyone else I have had the pleasure of meeting.
- Faith Davis, Processor

I truly enjoy this company as I feel each employee is significant. Best of all, everyone I come in contact with is so friendly and willing to help. 
- Elena Studemann, Junior Loan Processor

It is a blessing to have Cornerstone as my Family.
- Paula Cruz, Loan Operations

I enjoy working with a great group of people.
- Pam West, Underwriter

I am extremely grateful to have the stability in such a unstable market. Going through three different mortgage companies that were shut down during my time in this industry truly does feel like such a milestone after bouncing around unstable companies. Thank you for everything CHL has done for me. I really do feel blessed to work for Cornerstone.
- Nedal Khoury, Underwriting

I feel BLESSED to work for such a great company!
- Kelli Wesley, Secondary Marketing

I love being a part of such a wonderful team.
- Nicole Lester, Loan Operations

Another great month has passed – and I can’t help myself again – you are probably tired of seeing me write each month, but I have to again express my gratitude to the Cornerstone family and to my awesome local team for all that everyone does to support me and my efforts.  Wow and Wow on all that we are doing (together we are making great things happen). Wow and Wow on the support we give to one another.Wow and Wow on helping to sometimes turn the impossible scenarios into possibilities (I just got off the phone with Alison in Secondary, and Dan Cooper is making something possible for me that otherwise would not be possible … but that seems to happen all the time with each department and all the non-vanilla situations we seem to have … thank you for finding ways within what is acceptable to make many things work … you are AWESOME!) Hat’s off to all of you: you are hard-working, dedicated, miracle workers!  We are serving clients and our referral partners in a fabulous way!  I am so happy to have your continued support and help that allows me to do what I do.
- Sharla Ellis, Senior Vice President

Can’t see myself anywhere else!
- Suzanne Palmer, Loan Officer

I'm so proud to be part of a company whose culture and witness of faith embodies our true beliefs. I need no more evidence on why this company has been so richly blessed for 25 years, than we honor God in all that we do.
- David Bravo, Senior Vice President / Regional Manager

There are not enough words to thank you for always being there and caring about me all of these 25 years.
- Flo McGee, Receptionist