Team Member Testimonials

February 2013

Hard to believe two years has come and gone. Thank you for all your support and everything you do for each and every employee. Cornerstone is truly a 5-star outfit, and I am proud to be part of the team.
- David Hilburn, Loan Officer

I am very blessed to be working for such an awesome and thoughtful company. I am honored to be working for this company. Words can’t really express my appreciation. I am so happy to be part of this team.
- Michelle Cooper, Loan Officer Assistant

As I reflect on how Cornerstone was started, I am reminded of how far Cornerstone has come since I have been here. I feel so grateful!  With a heart of gratitude, I say “Congratulations” to all of you.
- Janice Parker, Sr. Loan Processor

I don’t take for granted the gracious, consistent appreciation that you guys show towards us. Many thanks.
- Dan Reagan, Sr. Loan Officer/Sr. Vice President

I prayed a lot about my husband’s joining Cornerstone, and three years ago I knew it was the right fit. Cornerstone’s Vision Statement was confirmation back then, and then to see the Vision Statement in real life through all the people this last month was beautiful. Thank you for everything . . . every last detail . . . all of it!  Thank you really isn’t enough!
- T.L., wife of Loan Officer

It is a pleasure to work at Cornerstone Home lending, Inc.
- Joy Reichart, Senior Loan Processor

It is hard to believe how fast the time has flown!  I love being part of this company.
- Monica Goodman, Processor

I appreciate the confidence you and Judy had/have in me. It’s been more work, more fun and more rewarding than anticipated, and we really are just getting started. I told you a long time ago what a great company you have, and I’m proud now to be part of it.
- Greg Jackson, Senior Vice President

The people I work directly with have been absolutely wonderful, and I want to thank you for letting me be a part of your team.
I look forward to meeting you some day.
- Daniel O’Sullivan, Loan Officer

It is a pleasure to meet and work with such fine and good people and to work for a company with the values and vision such as Cornerstone.
- Bob Beall, Compliance Analyst

It’s an honor to be part of this group and Cornerstone!
- Scott Peterson, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you for the opportunity you and Judy have given me. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
-  Rocky Flores, Director of Business Applications

Thanks for all your great leadership! I love working for such an awesome company!
- Alice Von Seggern, Underwriter

It’s been a very exciting first year with Cornerstone. I’ve learned a lot and am still learning more every day.
- Tammy Earls, Loan Processor

 I appreciate the personal interest this company takes in its employees.
- Susan Newrones, VA Loan Guarantee

Thank you very much for the great “Welcome aboard” email.
It is an honor to work for a company whose values are that of my own. I'm going to work extremely hard this year to become an asset to my branch and meet my personal financial goals. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with Cornerstone.
- Janet Ruiz, Loan Officer

It’s always appreciated to be recognized, and I truly love working for “Cornerstone Home Lending. “
- Brett McClellan, Production Partner

I appreciate all that you do to make us an outstanding company. It is a blessing to come to work!
- Mary Lee, Senior Loan Officer

I have enjoyed the last five years and look forward to many more. There have been difficult times, but I’ve known that the company is behind me and will do what it can to help me succeed.
- Keith Lemons, Senior Loan Officer

It has been wonderful working for Cornerstone for the past 10 years.
- Shannon Schiller, Sr. Loan Processor

I am so glad that I eventually made it to Cornerstone! This truly is a wonderful home for all of us, and I thank you for making it all happen 25 years ago!           
- Dede Goodwin, Human Resources VP