Team Member Testimonials

June 2013

I am really blessed to be a part to the Cornerstone Family. All of you guys are very special to me. I have seen how much you help the communities and the employees. I know that we are a very special and unique company, and I am very proud to say Cornerstone Home Lending is my family. Cornerstone is all about family first. I have seen it in my 5 years here at Cornerstone. Not too many companies out there can say that and really mean it like Cornerstone.
- Irma Kelly, Processor

I absolutely love my job as receptionist! I LOVE THIS PLACE! I am so proud to work for such an amazing company!
- Lorrie Williamson, Receptionist l Processing Assistant

It is such a pleasure to work for such a positive and thoughtful company. I thank you so much for the opportunity.
- Gayle Ryan, Underwriter

Thank you for your generosity to our clients. I have 2 past clients that had a total loss on their homes [due to the Oklahoma tornadoes]. One lost her husband to cancer 3 years ago. She moved from Colorado to Oklahoma at that time to be closer to friends (To say the least, she has been through a lot in the last 3 years). She was very appreciative of the gift. Kathy Halkins met with both clients and they received the contribution. They were both deeply moved that our company would go above and beyond for them. Thank you for caring.
- Debbie Clark, Business Development Manager

Thank you for doing this [Donation to Oklahoma tornado victims]. It has broken my heart and filled it at the same time to talk to people in Oklahoma and to see their strength, resolve and positive attitudes. Not sure I would be able to be that way if this had happened to me. This is just one more reason why Cornerstone is such a special place to be part of.
- Katrina G. Hightower, CRCM, Director of Compliance Support

That [Donating to the Oklahoma relief efforts] is so sweet of you. This is another reason I am so proud to work for Cornerstone. One of my customers, James & Ashley Cxxxxx (age 27 & 25), just bought their first home on 3/22/13. They lost everything. Here’s another thing . . . this young couple bought this house because they take care of their elderly parents that can’t work. I thought at the time, “How awesome is this young couple to take on so much responsibility at such a young age!” They are self-employed painters and lost all of their equipment they use to make a living. Thank you and to the Cornerstone Family for making a difference in lives!
- Angie Haag, Senior Loan Officer

I have enjoyed every day of my 5 years with Cornerstone.
- Fran Heard, Underwriter

I want you to know it is an honor to work for a company that has been so helpful the first couple weeks [of my employment here].
- Craig Lee, Loan Officer

It’s a great pleasure working for Cornerstone and a blessing in many ways.
- Krystal Greyberg, FHA Insuring

I am very grateful and blessed to work for such a rewarding company.
- Kelly Meza, Compliance Analyst

I feel so blessed to work for such an awesome company and look forward to many years with Cornerstone. God Bless!
- Jessica Hudson, FHA Insuring l Audit

It is an honor and privilege to be employed by such a family-oriented, wonderful company. I feel and see the love environment from top to bottom every day. May God keep blessing Cornerstone Home Lending. 
- Abigail Nino, Accountant

Thank you for taking the time and effort to discern, establish, and share Cornerstone’s Vision. I sincerely appreciate it.
- Jeremy Peyton, Loan Officer

I love working for a company that appreciates its people!
- Stacey Moffat, Appraisal Coordinator

I sincerely appreciate this organization and the opportunity to really “make a difference.” 
- Del Pedlow, Senior Mortgage Advisor

It has been a blessed 8 years working with Cornerstone.
- Amanda Gutierrez, Closer

It’s so refreshing to see that there are still good people [like you and Judy] in the world who really care about others.
- Julie Pollett-Haley, Closing Coordinator

By far the BEST company I have ever worked for.
- Amanda Shelton, Loan Officer

I am so grateful to be with a company that operates under Christian values.
- Jackie Witter, Quality Control Supervisor

I am very humbled and grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work for your company.
- Cody Hardridge, Senior Mortgage Advisor

I love working for Cornerstone. Thank you for all you and Judy do for us as employees.
- Eva Moody, Corporate Administration

I just wanted to brag on Chris Dickinson [on the IT team]. He had helped me on Saturday in getting my VPN working so I could work from home. I ran into a snag with my phone RSA and called him on his cell phone (I know, bad me, but I was desperate!). I interrupted his fishing, but he was super friendly and took the time and got me back going.
- Susan Demopulos, Loan Officer

I truly enjoy this company and those I work with!
- Stacy Anderson, Loan Processor

I truly love being a part of Cornerstone
- Elaine Wilson, Loan Officer

I have really enjoyed my three years at Cornerstone and look forward to many more!
- Brook Reppond, Underwriting Administrator

I am happy to be a part of such an amazing company.
- Shelli Webb, Loan Processor Jeannie Sarmiento

I’m truly blessed to be a part of the Cornerstone family.
- Jeannie Sarmiento, Senior Loan Processor

I am very blessed and lucky to be a part of the Cornerstone family. I love my job and the people that I work with.
- Irma Kelly, Processor

I do enjoy the opportunity I have received to work for a company with such a rich heritage of character and passion for God.
- Dina Davis, Closer/Funder