Team Member Testimonials

August 2017

I'm overwhelmed at what a blessing Cornerstone has been for my family from Day 1. We are so very grateful to have a place that truly cares.
-Megan Teel, Senior Loan Officer

I’m proud to be with such a wonderful company!
-Darla Cutler, Government Lending

I am so blessed to be a part of such a great company!
-Kelly Chumbley, Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

Thank you. It’s been a distinct pleasure to be a Team Member here and to be a part of a very special organization. I may have said it before, but if I had had the support previously as a LO that our LOs have here, I would be still originating loans, enjoying the work and making a ton of money. Thanks for creating, growing and leading a company that we all are very proud to be a part of!
-Phil Frank, Appraiser Management

I’m excited that I’m able to be a team member of Cornerstone.
-Alexis Moreno, Production Partner

So happy to be a part of such an amazing company!
-Jaycee Brink, Administration

I love coming to work every day.
-Pam Wilkes, Purchasing Department

There is no place I would rather be than at Cornerstone.
-Kim Sharp, Regional Account Executive

It has been an honor working with Cornerstone.
-Veronica Garza, Mortgage Processor

What a fantastic couple of years it has been!
-Scott Pendleton, Loan Officer

I truly appreciate my job, this company, my team and YOU and your family for the opportunity.
-Jennifer Osborne, Senior Loan Processor

The company you created makes me excited to come to work every day and for that, I am Thankful!
-Helen Miller, Transaction Coordinator

I am so glad for our extra vacation day! Thank you so much for one more day that I can spend with my family. I think that was a fantastic gift to all of us and one we will all truly enjoy. I am so very glad to be part of this Cornerstone family! The best!
-Alice Von Seggern, Production Support

I absolutely love my position here. This 1st year has flown by.
-Cynthia Rutherford, Licensed Transaction Coordinator

It’s an honor and a pleasure to work with Cornerstone!
-Deanna Arnold, Conventional and Government Underwriter

I truly love working here.
-Stacy Azlin, Senior Loan Processor

Thank you—very proud to be a part of the TEAM!
-Jacob Lopez, Processor

Thank you for the way you run this amazing company. I am very proud to be a Team Member!
-Todd Sanguras, Recruiter

Thank you for having me as a Team Member.
-Kim Lee, Senior Closer/Funder

Thank you for your leadership! This is why we joined Cornerstone!
-Ian Bennett, Senior Loan Officer

So happy, honored and PROUD to be a Member of the Cornerstone Team! Thank you!
-Dawn Flori, Underwriter

Thank you from a proud and excited Team Member!
-Eva Moody, Loan Servicing

The company makes me excited to come to work every day and for that, I am Thankful!
-Helen Miller, Transaction Coordinator

I truly appreciate my job, this company, my team and YOU for the opportunity.
-Jennifer Osborne ,Senior Loan Processor

Blessed to be at such a great company with amazing people.
-Reina Arreola, Secondary Assistant

I am proud to work with such a thoughtful and caring company.
-Vanessa Ortega, Processor

First, thank you to everyone for their heroic efforts and hard work keeping this company running smoothly. I am amazed at what we have been able accomplish in the face of a disaster like Hurricane Harvey. So many of you have been putting in long hours and late nights, selflessly supporting others both at work and home. I am thankful for everyone!

I also want you to know that the Cornerstone Cares fund is available for anyone who was flooded out or has any financial hardship from Harvey. We have been able to help a few of you already and it is our privilege to do so. There is a natural tendency to think that you are taking from others by receiving help, but the fund has enough to help anyone who needs it because of the constant generosity of all 1700 of our coworkers (team). And if necessary, Marc and Judy are committed to covering any needs if the fund runs low. So please do not worry about that. This is more than a company: it is a family. And you are all an important part of it.

-Mark Belanger, CIO

I am so happy to be at Cornerstone!
-Susan Yockey, Loan Officer

I am very impressed with the members of our Cornerstone family. Over the years, I have been blessed to work with some of the best companies in the world, and I know that I am truly blessed, once again, to be a member of such an exceptional family we have with Cornerstone Home Lending.
-Seth Fritz, Recruiter

Thank you all for everything you do to support your team!
-Justin Cox, Production Associate

I have been in the professional arena for MANY years, BUT NEVER have I felt the support and commitment from the management of my Company.
-Donna Junker, Executive Assistant

I am happy to be a Team Member, Marc.
-Everett Elstak, Branch Manager l Loan Officer

I know you are probably getting a ton of emails, but please know you and our entire leadership team are amazing leaders!
- Aileen Welty, Loan Analyst

I have been glued to the TV watching Hurricane Harvey unfold the last couple of days in disbelief, remembering Tropical Storm Allison when it hit Galveston and the flooding from that, and I know this is so much worse. I realize it probably isn't much but I do have extra space at my house for anyone who may be displaced and if they want to work from my office and stay at my home versus a shelter please let me know. I open my home and office with open arms for any of my Cornerstone family! I almost have the barn "guest quarters" ready which has a bed, bathroom and kitchenette area, so I can make that work as well and give them some privacy.
-Janelle Carver, Loan Officer l Branch Manager

I felt like I needed to tell you about Derek Bolls. Derek is an incredibly humble man, and he would never tell you about this, but this morning he was checking on one of my direct reports. When I told him she was trapped in her home, had water and could not get out, he asked where she was, and when he found out she was not too far from his neighborhood, he drove over, picked her up as well as her daughter and 2-year-old grandson, and took them to safety. Just felt like you should know what kind of team members you have!
-Jackie Witter, Quality Control Manager

You all have such an incredible company. We are humbled and honored to be able to be your account team.
-FannieMae Account Representative Martha Frueh

We have such an Amazing company that takes care of each other. Truly amazing! Thank you!!
-Trey Bell, Regional Production Manager

Your kindness is just another example of why I love working with Cornerstone as it is truly family and has felt that way to me for the past 19 years. I love being part of this amazing team.
-Darlene Caballero, Assistant Vice President, OFC Dept

I can't say how amazing this is. I just joined the Cornerstone Family a week ago, and it truly is a family.
-Mackenzie Walker, Processor