Team Member Testimonials

January 2017

I am very proud to work for Cornerstone. It is wonderful to know that we are valued. Looking forward to another great year!
-Jackie Riley, Processor

I am one of the newest and luckiest members of the Cornerstone family. Your video that discusses Cornerstone’s mission and culture was very inspiring, and I couldn’t be happier to be joining a team that puts so much emphasis on customer satisfaction and employee morale. I had been trying to join Cornerstone for almost 2 ½ years, but the timing was always just a little off. Still, I never gave up, always knowing that I was meant to be here. Finally, my dream came true this past December, and I couldn’t be more grateful that Michelle Gonzalez—and ultimately you—has granted me this opportunity. Every day I walk these halls and can’t help but smile because I know that I will be great here. Once again, thank you for your message, the opportunity, and I look forward to meeting you one day.
-Eric Delgado, Loan Officer

What an extraordinary example of your personal values and values that continues to waterfall down through the Cornerstone Family! Every communication, email, action, interaction, etc. simply reinforces why I chose and continue to choose to work with such amazing folks at such an amazing place. Thank you for your leadership.
-Michael Landis, Branch Manager

We are all so proud and grateful to be part of this world-class organization. We are thankful we have such a generous leader and forward-thinking leadership team. We are excited to help more families obtain the dream of homeownership in 2017.
-Kerrin Reichen, Branch Manager

The word blessing isn’t enough for what Cornerstone means to me. It’s a blessing to have found Cornerstone at an early age, but almost two years later, it’s truly an honor to be a part of this. I hope to call Cornerstone my home for many years to come.
-Justin Spragins, Production Associate

It was so fun to sit in my office and listen to the buzz as people read their email the day after Christmas. I heard everything from deep breaths of relief to shouts of pure joy! As people arrived, the fun continued: “Open your email! You have an email from Marc Laird.” Then, “Wow!”, “Amazing!”, and “I can’t believe this!” One newer employee shouted, “I love this job!” For me, this confirmed that we can buy tickets for a beach vacation. I am thrilled! Thank you so much for your sincere emails, your consideration, and your generosity. I am echoing the sentiments of others as I say to you, “I love my job!” Thank you, thank you.
-Alice Von Seggern, Production Support

I truly do love working here!
-Dawn Daley, BI/Business Analyst

It is always so nice that Cornerstone acknowledges their employees like they do.
-Leslie Germenis, Underwriting Support Resource Analyst

It has been a very enjoyable seven years with more years to come.
-Pam Calvo, Regional Operations Support

It is truly is my honor to work with such an impressive family. I look forward to our continued success and many, many more anniversaries.
-Daniel Goncalo, Manager

It’s an honor and a pleasure working with Cornerstone Home Lending.
-Kim Parker, Loan Processor

I have really enjoyed this past year here at Cornerstone and look forward to many more.
-Michael Schenck, System Architect

I have to say that I’m very appreciative and impressed to receive a wonderful welcome from the CEO & Chairman of Cornerstone! It’s a rare occasion, and I’m thankful to know I have joined an amazing company.
-Taña Romero-Ridley, UW Support Resource Analyst

I very much appreciate you and Cornerstone: this is the best company I have ever worked for. Everybody at this company is the best, and it all comes from the top . . . yes, that’s you!
-Don Gibbons, Branch Manager

Thank you it has been an awesome year, and I look forward to many more with the company.
-Deonay Bell, Loan Servicing

Very pleased and proud to be part of this organization.
-Jerry Rojero, Loan Officer

Thank you so much for this “Welcome” email. I couldn’t be happier to be with this Cornerstone family.
-Chandra Beach, Loan Analyst for Cornerstone Home Lending

[25 years] Doesn’t seem possible! Time flies when you’re having FUN! Cornerstone has been so good to me. I’ve grown as a person and have had the privilege to know some great people. Please know it’s been my absolute honor to contribute my part in helping families fulfill their dreams in owning a home. I’ll never forget that feeling when I became a homeowner. Thank YOU, for the kind words, for continuing to watch out for us, and for allowing me to keep showing up to this great company you’ve built.
-Bertha Casas, Vice President l Secondary

I love being a part of this incredible organization you have built.
-Jill Fortner, Loan Officer

Thank you for your dedication to employees like me in creating a wonderful environment for both my family and me to work. It really is great working with the Cornerstone team. I hope to keep helping our team continue winning in the future!
-Anna Dupree, Loan Servicing Department

I really love seeing these calculations listed as the number of families we’ve been fortunate to assist, rather than just a dollar amount. The impact is truly significant.
-Daniel M. Walsh, Sales Manager | Mortgage Banker

I enjoyed learning about the history of Cornerstone, and I am so very happy and proud to be back working with such an amazing company. I’m also looking forward to my future being a part of the Cornerstone family.
-Michelle Iverson, Regional Operations and Sales Support Manager

Your story, vision, and mission statement solidify the fact that God has answered my prayers as well.
-Robert Tones, Transaction Coordinator

I appreciate your warm welcome and am proud and privileged to be part of the team.
-Abdul Tabel, .NET Developer in the IT Development Department

I feel very fortunate to be able to work at this extraordinary company. Thank you for this opportunity.
-Joshua L Godfrey, Underwriting Department

I’m still as excited as ever to be a part of Cornerstone’s success!
-Kevin Arter, Senior Processor

I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I have truly enjoyed my two years here at Cornerstone and hope to see many more. I am thrilled to be here.
-Terry Campbell, Licensed Production Associate

2016 was certainly an awesome year!
-Dustin Camping, Senior Loan Officer

I am truly blessed to work for Cornerstone. What a very positive way to start off this new year!
-Sue Place, Senior Loan Officer

I am so blessed to work here and thank God every day that Deb Meogrossi introduced me to Tammy and such a wonderful company and that I was given this opportunity.
-Pat Fowler, Underwriter

You and Judy have such big hearts. I thank my lucky stars I came to work here 26 years ago.
-Janelle Carver, Senior Vice President l Loan Officer

I cannot thank you enough not only for giving us such a great environment to work in. I am truly grateful for all that this company has done for me, and I am so proud to be a part of this great team.
-Shanna Brenner, Processor

Every day I realize what a blessing this company truly is!
- Wanda Hager, Loan Officer

I just wanted to send a quick note to sing the praises of one employee Pat Fowler. I have to say that she is the embodiment of the CHL Mission, Vision and Convictions, as published, and has been a valuable tool for me as I have progressed through the learning process of underwriting for CHL and my continued development of the tools necessary to underwrite our various Bond Loans and FHA loans, and I’m certain she will continue to be an asset as I delve into the VA process.
She has made herself readily available and provided valuable direction without rebuke despite what, I’m sure, has been some impact to her production, and I can’t say it with any greater conviction how thankful I am and blessed to have her as my queue mate. She has made a positive difference to me, and is not only an asset to me, our queue and team, but, most certainly, to CHL. She deserves to be duly recognized for her steadfast dedication to the company.
-Steven Bouck, Remote Mortgage Loan Underwriter

Thank you for your continued commitment to your employees! Congratulations to the Cornerstone team for this great accomplishment: $7.5 Billion! WOW!
- Peggy Haden, Underwriting Specialist

We are all very blessed to work for such a great company!
-Brenda Stephenson, Office Manager l Processor

Thank you so much for the generosity and letting me be part of this amazing team. I feel very blessed. Also, I watched your Treehouse episode the other night with my whole family. It’s the first time we could get all six of us to watch the same show. It was awesome.
-Todd Sanguras, Recruiter

I do feel like a valued employee, thanks to you.
-Cecil George, Senior Loan Officer

I am so proud to be a part of the Cornerstone Family!
-Nikki L. Brown, Loan Processor

Wonderful year . . . Wonderful company . . . Awesome.
-Everett H. Elstak, Branch Manager l Loan Officer

Back in May of this year when I received my anniversary card from you and Judy, I looked up from my desk and saw the items that are a direct reflection of loving my job as much as I do. I intended to take a couple of pictures and send off a quick note of appreciation. As I was writing, I thought, “You know, he will think it’s silly.” I wish I had sent that note, Marc. This dedicated employee from Vancouver, WA, THANKS YOU and am truly grateful every morning when I walk in to my office with my cup of coffee and log in ready to see what the day has in store for me as part of that Cornerstone family. I look forward to many more anniversaries and birthdays .
-Shauna Maxey, Loan Processor Assistant

I would like to say, “Thank you” for creating and leading a company that is a wonderful place to work and that lives up to its values and mission. It is an honor to work for you and to be a part of the team. Blessings to you and may there by many years of continued success.
-Penny Kast, Loan Officer

Cornerstone certainly lights up my world! Y’all rock!
-Penny J. Benton, Underwriter

I am truly blessed to work for Cornerstone. What a very positive way to start off the new year! Cheers to 2017!
-Sue Place, Certified Mortgage Lender

I have a commitment to take time to be grateful each day for the things that my family and I have been so blessed with. Being an employee with Cornerstone Home Lending has truly been a gift to me in 2016. I love the “family” that is represented here in the Boulder office, Northern Colorado, as well as in the entire company. It continues to surprise me at how positive and supportive that everyone is here. Thank you again for your support of all of us employees at Cornerstone Home Lending.
-Karen Dee, Loan Officer

I cannot thank you enough for giving us not only such a great environment to work in. I am truly grateful for all that this company has done for me, and I am so proud to be a part of this great team.
-Shanna Brenner, Processor

I am thankful every day to work for such a wonderful company that has passionate and professional employees and leadership. Working for this company has been such a blessing for me and my husband this year. I know you are a busy person, but I would like you to know how Cornerstone has made a positive difference in my life in 2016:

My husband and I purchased our home through the employee loan program at Cornerstone.
My job provided income to pay our bills when my husband was laid off.
My job provided health insurance that covered my husband’s surgery.
Working with Cornerstone employees restored my trust and faith in co-workers that I had lost while working as a state regulator.
Working for Cornerstone has allowed me to grow as a professional and contribute my thoughts and knowledge to various projects. I am so thankful to be here and hope I have made a positive difference in the lives of those I work with and that I will continue to do so.
-Biana L. Stein, Compliance Program Manager

I have been at Cornerstone for six months only, but you all have made me feel right at home here and that I am a valued member of the team.
-Laurel Lawson, Compliance Administrator

I love working for Cornerstone and hope this year is the best ever!
-Jan Hubbell, Residential Mortgage Lender

I feel so blessed to work for Cornerstone and to have leaders like you both. You really know how to make me feel appreciated!
-Kerri Etheridge, Production Associate

I appreciate you so much and love Cornerstone.
-Patricia Ahmad, Vice President l Mortgage Planner

I can’t believe it’s been 5 years already. I love Cornerstone so much, and I cannot wait for the next 5.
-Megan Teel, Senior Loan Officer

I am delighted to be part of the team. I want to thank you and Judy, as well, for the generous pricing structure provided on employee loans. I closed on my home purchase today and am deeply grateful.
-Suzanne Kieffer, Senior Loan Officer

I am blessed to be a part of your team.
-Miguel Muniz, Sales Manager l Loan Originator

It has been a pleasure to work here for the last 5 years, and I look forward to many more. Thank you so much for the kind gesture!
-Devin Robertson, Processing Manager

It has been an incredible first year with Cornerstone, and I am very grateful to be a part of this amazing company and family. I look forward to continued growth and learning opportunities in the year ahead. I strive to encourage, support, and make a positive difference in the lives of others in the same way the Cornerstone family has positively made a difference in my life.
-Jennifer Martin, Recruitment

I feel very fortunate to be a part of this family.
-Kathy Smith, Conventional & Government Underwriter/STRONG>

I am so happy to be here and love everything Cornerstone does for its clients and employees! Looking forward to a busy 2017.
-Michell Cameron, Processor

Thanks for leading by example and making this a great company to work for.
-Virginia Schlect, CRCM, Fair Lending Officer

I really appreciate all that you do for us and am thankful for my past three years with Cornerstone.
-Molly Oelschlager, Area Sales Support Manager

It is such a privilege and an honor to work for a company that cares so much about its employees and recognizes their contributions. It makes me proud when I am asked by a stranger where I work and then be told, “I have heard so many great things about your company. You are so lucky to work there.” And yes, I am so lucky.
-Phyllis Teumer, HMDA Specialist

I so appreciate you everyone's hard work. How wonderful! Happy New Year!
-Esther Spence-Crabb, Loan Officer

I feel truly blessed to be part of such a great company. Thank you for your encouragement and support.
- Kimberly Rohde, Transaction Coordinator

I appreciate you and a company I am proud to stand by.
- Tara Zellner, Loan Analyst

5 years—unbelievable that so much time has gone by! I have never been prouder or happier to work with such an incredible group of people and for such an outstanding company. Thank you for all you and Judy do for us. It is truly appreciated.
-Kat Matijevich, Production Partner

Kat Matijevich, Production Partner
-Georgia Cox, Senior Loan Processor

Here’s to another record-setting year at Cornerstone! Thank you for setting a tone of gratefulness and joy in helping others for us all.
- Kelli Martin, Web Content Administrator