Team Member Testimonials

June 2017

The training and support here has been GREAT!
-Gwen Borrego, Loan Processor

I've worked for 3 extra big banks, and their $25 million CEOs walked around employees with security details while the CEO of this company likes to see the team members have fun and enjoy their work experience. It's amazing.
-Brandon Washington, Corporate Trainer

I love Cornerstone because of the opportunities it has given me, the flexibility in my schedule that allows me to be there for my son more often, and, of course, because you give us the chance to win your amazing seats at the Astros game!
- Shelley Cobb, Marketing Coordinator

I LOVE it here at this front desk, still!
-Lorrie Williamson, Receptionist/Processing Assistant

I just wanted to let you know I received the company’s response regarding my suggestion. All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW! Thank you so very much for your vision, phenomenal leadership, and listening to the VOICE of the Associate. I am excited about the changes to come. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
-Toinette Cole, Operations Support

I appreciate you, your generosity, and what Cornerstone stands for – what a wonderful company to work for!
- Barbara Evans, Loan Reviewer

I am glad to be part of the family!
- Becky Savois, Senior Loan Officer

It’s my pleasure to contribute to the company. I love my Cornerstone family!
-Krystal Greyberg, FHA Insuring

I love my company, Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc!
- Terry Nolen-Rose, Conventional & Government Underwriter

I am very blessed to be at Cornerstone, surrounded by family like you and Andrina.
-Irma Kelly, OFC Processor

I’ve learned in the very short time that I’ve worked for Cornerstone that we are a company that has very appreciative owners. The small gestures of gratitude and your willingness to say “Thank you” mean so much to everyone – from highly compensated managers and loan officers to salaried support staff.
-Lane Waneka, Senior Loan Officer

It has been a pleasure working at Cornerstone for these past 4 years!
- Christina Bernal, Loan Processor

I’m in a reflective mood today because today is my 30th anniversary in the industry. I love working here and don’t plan on leaving. Thanks for all you do.
-Keith Lemons, Senior Loan Officer

I love working for this company. It has been an honor to be a part of this organization. I look forward to many more years!
-Liz Reinert, Production Associate

My family, clients and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity you gave me five years ago!
- Scott DeWar, Loan Officer

Thank you for remembering me and thank you for allowing me to continue to work for the Cornerstone family. I have truly been blessed to have this continued opportunity.
-Melissa Staller, Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

It’s an absolute pleasure working for Cornestone! I look forward to many more anniversaries here!
-Delia Rodriguez, Loan Servicing

It continues to be a joy working here. I absolutely love it.
- Diana Perez, QC Auditor

The years have just flown by! Thanks for fostering such a great culture and making this the best mortgage company to work for.
-Colleen Reilly, Director of Quality Control

I’ve absolutely loved the opportunity to work for such an amazing company! I look forward to many more years with Cornerstone!
-Jackie Gilanyi, Mortgage Underwriter

I love this company. I wouldn’t work anywhere else.
- Andrea Perez, Production Associate

I am excited to be here. I have already posted the Vision Statement displayed proudly at my desk! It is one of the main reasons I applied to work at Cornerstone. Thank you!
-Stephanie Denney, Senior Processor

I love Cornerstone because we are unique in every aspect of our approach to every interaction we have, whether it be assisting a customer, a team mate, or a stranger that clearly needs help navigating the parking garage. I am tremendously proud to represent Cornerstone and strive to make a positive difference in everything I do (Have I mentioned how much I love our core convictions?).
-Diana Cagle, Product & Pricing Manager, Vice-President of Secondary Marketing

This is truly amazing and so appreciated. Thank you for your commitment to us and for the opportunity to work for such a great company.
- DeeDee Spoon, Production Associate

Thank you so much! The members of the Sharla Pimley Dream Team appreciate you and your generosity!
-Sharla Ellis, Senior Vice President

I cannot thank you enough for the recognition! I am honored that Derek Bolls sought me out and brought me to the wonderful place 10 years ago: I am sure heaven is a little like this! Honestly, working here has been such a joy and privilege. I am not ready to retire, so hoping for 10 more years! I cannot thank you enough….
-Jackie Witter, CFE, Quality Control Manager

There’s nowhere else I’d rather be!
- Anne-Marie Fish, Branch Manager

I am and happy and proud to be part of Cornerstone’s team and look forward to many more years!
-Eva Moody, Loan Servicing

It has been an honor to be a part of the Cornerstone Family. Truly the best company I have ever worked for. I admire you and Judy for bringing your vision of a client-centric mortgage company into existence! Thank you for all you do for us.
-Farhayah Zahid, Client Specialist

Thank you for keeping such a great company going for all these years. I remember my start day exactly 3 years ago! I was so excited to start my new job here I could barely even sleep the night before. Lol I really appreciate my job here. It is so awesome to have the CEO of the company you work for write you to tell you thank you for all you do. I really appreciate that!
- Brittany Hrebec, Administration

It is an honor and pleasure to work for such a great company with many great people!
-Elaine Wilson, Loan Officer

I look forward to a long tenure here and building many friendships and business contacts!
- Rebecca Beaird, QuEST Compliance Assistant

I am loving Cornerstone so far, and I already have my vision statement proudly displayed on my desk. Very excited for the opportunity!
- Jamie Laskie, Processor

Best 5 years of my life. Thank you for all you do for us!
- Amanda Shelton, Senior Loan Officer

Thank you so much for recognizing me – I love working here, and I love my HR Team!
- Desireé Fisher-Tate l HR Coordinator, Total Rewards

I truly feel blessed to be fortunate enough to work for such a great company and with a great team.
- Cathy Larsen, Senior Loan Officer

I can’t imagine where I would be if I had not started working for Cornerstone 10 years ago. I’ve learned and grown tremendously over this time. Thank you for caring for each one of us and making it a happy workplace.
-Marta Scarnato, Finance & Management Information Systems Support

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to work with such a great group of people!
- Geneva Rosilez, Quality Control Auditor

I love Cornerstone because Cornerstone loves its employees and shows it in so many ways. That is because our company walks in Faith. Cornerstone’s philosophy on work/home balance is the key to its success. I am honored to work here.
- Kristen Rushing, Assistant

I’m very blessed to be able to work for such an awesome company!
-Kathryn Little, Secondary Lock Desk

Best two years ever! Looking forward to many, many more!
-Maureen Mercuro, Regional Operations Manager

I love working here!
- Nancy Wolf, Underwriting Support Resource Analyst

It is an absolute pleasure to work with such an outstanding company with great people. I am proud to be here! One day soon, I hope to finally meet.
-David Sheir, Regional Sales Manager

I am so honored to work for such a great company.
-Misty Prior, Underwriter

It is my pleasure to work for such a great company like this one! Thank you so much for your email and appreciation, it means a lot to me. Here’s to another 20+ years!
- Julie Marie Calles-Calder, Transaction Coordinator

It is my honor and pleasure to be part of the Cornerstone Family.
-Shonne Trahan, Government Underwriter

I am one of your newest employees, and I’m extremely grateful to be here. I am honored to be a part of this organization and I pledge to follow the core values talked about in this video. I will work hard to add value in my role as a CD auditor.
- Paul Revo, CD Post-Close Audit Team

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun and loving what you do every day!
-Gillian Anderson, Loan Officer

I feel so blessed to be able to work for such an amazing company.
- Brittany Pimley, Loan Processor

It’s been a privilege to work for Cornerstone and with Jay Crowell and Jacob Washburn on their team. I truly enjoy being a part of a company that truly values its team members.
- Anastacia Chan, Executive Assistant

I really enjoy working here.
-Maria Constantino, Senior Loan Officer