Team Member Testimonials

February 2017

Thank you so much, Marc, for everything you do! It’s the little things like these that really make us feel appreciated!
-Rebecca Muzny, Production Associate

It will be 15 years of being part of the Cornerstone family on Saturday! I would like to thank you both for giving me the opportunity to establish and mature my career at Cornerstone. I am truly grateful for blessings my family has been able to enjoy as a result of these past fifteen years. I am looking forward to next fifteen. There is still so much we can accomplish to push Cornerstone technology to be the best in class. Thank you for the gift card and the steaks.
-Rocky Flores, Director – IT Business Application Development

I’ve only been here a short time but I truly feel blessed to be part of an organization and family like this.
- Chandra Beach, Senior Mortgage Advisor

It has been an awesome first year with the company, and I am very excited about the outlook on our collective future here. I feel that most everyone here takes a great deal of pride in his/her work and puts his/her best foot forward to help every family. If we never lose sight of our core values and the mission at hand, we will be unsurpassable as a group/company.
-William R. Burnett, Loan Processor Assistant

It has been such a wonderful year, full of knowledge, learning experiences, and wonderful co-workers. I appreciate this opportunity more than you know.
-Shannon Matlock, Dinkins Regional Administrator

I am truly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful company!
-Amy Whiting, Loan Processor

It’s been a fast and wonderful 4 years, and I am thankful for Cornerstone every day!
-Shalene Bentley, Loan Processor

So blessed to be here!
-Jenny Scott, V.P. / Operations Manager

Just wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate the FUN DAY drawing and all the other things you do for us here at Cornerstone. Cornerstone is a wonderful place to work. I am very proud to be on your TEAM!
-Angie Taylor, Underwriting

I am extremely grateful to be a part of Cornerstone!
-Samara Hackworth, Mortgage Loan Officer

I have truly loved my last 2 years with Cornerstone!
- Aubre Houck, Mortgage Consultant

Thank you so much, Mr. Laird! I will take advantage of the bonus materials for the Living Forward book. It is definitely a very informative book, and after reading it realized I needed to get out of my previous job and find a new one which led me to Cornerstone. I really enjoy working here and hope it will be a lifelong career from here until retirement!
-Becky McGuire, Assistant Processor/Set-Up

I’ve been enjoying it here since day 1!
-Fernando Lopez, Production Artist

I will be downloading the material that accompanies the Living Forward book you sent and would like to thank you for providing me this opportunity to grow with your company. I am very excited about this new adventure with Cornerstone.
-Dawn Wood, Administrative Assistant

This is an awesome company to work for!!
-Tracey Scott, Senior Underwriter

Thank you so much for the email. In the week that I have been here, I can tell this is a very different company. Different than anywhere I have ever worked before. I feel very lucky to be here.
-Ashley Mulligan, Processor

I’m very excited to be working for a company with such an authentic purpose and with people who believe in what they do every day.
- Amanda Bailey, Sales force Trainer

I couldn’t have asked for a more pleasant, family-oriented company to be a part of. I appreciate the opportunity to work with you to meet the goals of CHL.
-Melinda French, MERS Support

It is such a blessing to be a Cornerstone Employee.
-Adrian Davis, Purchasing Department

Thank you for sharing both the story and these remarkable convictions of Cornerstone Home Lending! I truly enjoyed your “off the cuff video” describing how the vision led to the foundation of this amazing company. The team has made me feel most welcome, and I am thrilled to be a part of what CHL is doing through serving others. I look forward to getting to know you and Judy and the other executive team members on this new journey.
-Teresa Oakley, Director of Compliance Support

This is such a wonderful place to work! These Fun Day drawings are the little things that mean so much. I am so very happy to be a part of this team.
- Michelle Garcia-Curry, Administration and Special Projects

I love working here.
-Joshua Brockwell, Loan Officer

Thank you for your kind words. I am blessed to have been here for 10 short years. Thanks for all that you do for me so I can succeed. Here's to 10 more!
-Mary Lee, Senior Loan Officer

I appreciate the opportunity and leadership provided by Cornerstone. Congratulations on running a great company!
-Andrew Proffitt, Processing Assistant